Poker Video: Limit Hold'Em by Joe Tall (Micro/Small Stakes)

The Vault: 3/6 6max Hold'em flop texture with Joe Tall

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The Vault: 3/6 6max Hold'em flop texture with Joe Tall by Joe Tall

Joe Tall plays some more 3/6 6max, starting with his Game Creation method which builds him a juicy game. The game moves fast and he is involved in many hands where he tries to apply concepts of flop texture narrowing down his opponents hand ranges. Joe Tall briefly reviews his PT stats for the session as the fish go broke and the game gets filled with TAGs.

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Videos from the old collection -- primarily LHE with occasional Stud/8, PLO, and LO8 mixed in.


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Comments for The Vault: 3/6 6max Hold'em flop texture with Joe Tall

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Joe I have a question about the hand at ~17:30 (which also came up in the Archived thread).

You have AJo in MP, open, and get called by both blinds.

Flop is 983 with two diamonds (you have none). Checked to you, you bet, SB folds, BB calls.

BB is playing 50/12 at the time with an AF around 1 or lower on all streets.

Turn is an offsuit 9 and you elect to check behind.

River is a badugi 7 and you fold to the BB's donk.

I feel you kind of explained why you folded the river in the archived thread and I agree that the 7 hits a fair amount of BB's range. I also agree that he was fairly passive post flop so I don't think he's often bluffing here.

What I'd like to hear more about is why you chose this line instead of betting again on the turn (when villain is likely to still have nothing or a draw and you can easily fold to a c/r) and taking a free showdown, barring improvement.

Posted about 10 years ago

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