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Women’s Poker Summit Addresses Industry Equality

Poker Hall of Famer Linda Johnson was speaking recently about playing poker professionally as a woman in the 70’s and 80’s. During the discussion, Johnson and fellow female poker player Barbara Enright shared memories of a time when men would blow cigar smoke in their faces and use not too polite words to tell the […]

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Jao Poker Closes, Leaving Player Balances Uncertain

Amid controversy and claims of wrongdoing, Cambodian-based poker site Jao Poker has ceased operations with little communication to players. The closing of the site has also left the status of player account balances an open-ended question, as the Jao Poker site simply indicates that updates on balances will be posted at a later time. The […]

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Getting Serious About Poker

Aaron Wilt”OnTilt” has been with DeucesCracked since its launch in 2008. Aaron joined the site as one of the better mid stakes NL grinders out there, and very clearly had his poker career on a path to success. Years ago, Aaron put his winning principles into a series called “The Haj School”. Since then, while […]

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