Poker Video: MTT by Saibot (Mid Stakes)

The Extra One Percent: Episode Four

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The Extra One Percent: Episode Four by Saibot

Saibot is breaking down more live play both during the session and via hand review afterwards.

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In his debut series, saibot uses live play, presentations, and hand reviews to explore heads-up SNGs. His main focus will be on how small adjustments make a big difference. Adjusting to different opponent types and out-leveling your foe will also be featured prominently!


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Comments for The Extra One Percent: Episode Four

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Avatar for ebla

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Joined 01/2010

Time Link to 00:31:45

Hey Saibot, thanks for a great series! In this 88 hand you're saying that the T is a bad card, but is it really? He's not always shoving a T and this card gives him the possibility to shove all his broadways with draws and two flushdraws.

Posted about 7 years ago


Avatar for Saibot

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Joined 01/2011

You are welcome :-)

You got a very valid point. I got nothing to say other than that I agree with you

Posted about 7 years ago


Avatar for Froetloeps

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Joined 07/2008

ecellent series, just started to watch them now and already learned a lot. looking forward to seeing the next ones.

Posted almost 7 years ago

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