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over 7 years ago

Yin and Yang : Episode Eleven

IMO inavacuum's first post comes off much worse than Alex's. Pretty poorly handled.

[BTW I post this not to drag up some long dead issue, but because I just got around to see this v...

almost 8 years ago

50NL: QQ vs nit

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The Official

about 8 years ago

Coaching Kristy : Episode Eight

As a fellow female player, this was such a great series to watch. I was really able to relate to things that Kristy articulated about her game and her emotional state throughout her progression...

almost 9 years ago

Hellomaha : Episode Two

I don't know if this has been asked -- could you provide a link to the power points?

almost 9 years ago

NL100 : AKs vs reg

By Pokerstove AKs has 37.669% equity against QQ+,AKs. You have $76 behind for what will be a total pot of $201.50 if you call. 76/201.5 = 37.7%

It is EV neutral whether yo...

almost 9 years ago

***Official Summer Season Lineup***

Any update on Nolan's series? Starting this week?

about 9 years ago

where should i start

Also, watch the full ring Baluga stuff (well, all his videos are great).

over 9 years ago

DC member contest-- Win a free volume of my upcoming book

Any idea when you will be closing submissions? I can have something on Monday.

over 9 years ago

Full ring team?

ok, I also got a PM from someone else interested, I'm thing I have to work this weekend but will post back with info by Mon. Anyone else interested just post here or shoot me a PM

over 9 years ago

Full ring team?

Anyone up for a low stakes fr team? I play 100nl FR and would be interesting in doing HH swaps, sweat sessions, or anything else. I could set up a small private forum for discussion and video ...