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about 8 years ago

Upcoming Guest: Bobby Hoff

1) How often does he play poker games besides NLHE?

2) What sort of table selecting does he do? Will he play FR, 6max or HU online?

3) In Harrington on Cash, he was very d...

about 8 years ago

50NL, strange spot

So he is either value betting, or turning a made hand into a bluff. Given his line and the fact that people aren't often going to be turning value hands into bluffs at 50NL, specific...

over 8 years ago

10 NL Rush, interesting bvb hand.

Also, FWIW I am crossposting this at several sites to compare the results. PM me if you want to see the results.

The hand.

MP: $19.94
CO: $10.11

over 8 years ago

Mining PTR

Has anyone tried to systematically mine PTR using a script? I really don't want to check the site by hand, but I can imagine a program that grabs "PTR data*" and automatically extracts data to a...

over 8 years ago

25NL Pocket JJ

My coach has been drumming into me how often people at these stakes love to bluff raise paired flops.I'm not sure I would lead the turn though,if he's bluffing let him carry on if yo...

over 8 years ago

25NL KJ - IP facing small donk bet

Based on villain's dinky bet sizing on the flop, I am exploitively bet sizing every street. I pot the turn and aim to blast in another large bet on the river unless it's a club or pairs the Q o...

over 8 years ago

25NL TT - IP with mid pair facing two donk bets on semi-wet board

Just call the turn.

Let him bluff rivers,

This is the right idea.

over 8 years ago

Mentor : Ansky (#1) - 100NL Heads Up

I think Gugel's attitude made for a pretty good video... definitely stimulated discussion.

The heated discussion/yelling rammed home the importance of ...

about 9 years ago

The terrible truth about the Tommy Angelo video series

Man, I learn all kinds of shit on this site.

Can we at least agree that bicentennial does not mean once every 50 years?
I vote biweekly = twice a month.

about 9 years ago

Myers-Briggs Personality types and poker

Now I'm not the greatest poker mind in the world or anything, but I'd like to think these characteristics at least helped me get where I am today.