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about 8 years ago

25/50 set vs rivershove on flush board

would fold unless guy is crazy bastard

about 8 years ago

pr1nnyra1d on party

krantz should get on party and pr1nnyslay this mofo

about 8 years ago

2010 Success Stories to date?

ive run pretty good in 2010, not gonna lie

about 8 years ago

NL 66's OOP in 3-bet facing shove on 8 5 2 rainbow board

call, also dont 3bet pf b/c 66 is a poor hand to barrel with postflop

3betting pf is only good if other guy 4bet folds a lot

over 8 years ago

what you think about that?

hud is 100% necessary

over 8 years ago

Do girls like poker players?

poker is a good thing when it pays for PARTYBUSES

acombforsosho is probably right

over 8 years ago

How can i reach the top most effecient?

beseech the poker gods

over 8 years ago

25/50 hand vs takechip

def dont 3bet river, id call but expect to get shown A5...

over 8 years ago

AJ sqzed pot


over 8 years ago

How did you start playing online poker?

back in the day me and urnotindanger2 played in the big .5/1 / 1/2 bowie games