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over 8 years ago

Mentor : Ansky (#1) - 100NL Heads Up

one of the sickest videos I've seen on any training site..

your brutal honesty shines bright.... and I love how you don't hold back in coaching gugel.

I think gugel is grea...

about 9 years ago

What bankroll for playing 200NL as a professionnal?

I think I can help you. I have played as proffessional for the last year.. having pretty high expenses and not greatest bankroll management in past.
I recently took trips to Europe and L.A....

over 9 years ago

pr1nnyraiding S2 : Episode Seven

I love Tuesdays, Dope series guys!

over 9 years ago

NL50: crushing superfishes

limp with your crap sometimes..
mini raise or 3x with marginals. and 5x with your strong hands.. its exploitable but only if he adjusts . which is doubtful.
also . i would jsut open f...

over 9 years ago

NL100 turn dec.

i would fold.
against a competent player, i've found that alot of times when their line makes no sense, they realize this,, and ussually have the goods. Against a weaker player, who is at...

over 9 years ago

100NL, turn betsizing in 3bet pot

I think $44 should be about right. we are definitly still ahead of his range on the turn and should go for protection/value early in match. the bet does allow him to play fairly perfectly with ...

over 9 years ago

DogIsHeads UP : Episode Eight

Great Series!!!!!

This has been the sickest series.. I loved the theory videos... to look into the minds of great players and their thought processes is invaluable.
Much respe...

over 9 years ago

DogIsHeads UP : Episode One

Sick Sick Video Dogishead...

srsly.. this video is so dope..looking forward to next weeks series