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over 3 years ago


Hey guys,

Haven't talked poker in ages and would love to do so if anyone is willing.


almost 5 years ago

Micro Stakes Love

Best of luck to ya!

about 5 years ago

Poker in Paris


On trip to paris, anyone know how soft live games are here?


about 5 years ago

Greg Raymer arrested for Male Prostitution


about 5 years ago

Viktor blom BRM

Has Krantz had a crack at this guy yet? :}

there is a DC video of them playing.

about 5 years ago

What's happening in the Poker world? Been away for over 2 years

wondering the same thing, not sure how profitable it is to even play online anymore.

about 5 years ago

Bet Raise Fold the movie (formerly BOOM)

So sick!

about 5 years ago

Need a Developer to help do something awesome

Hey, my roommate just finished 4th year and has done three internships doing this kind of stuff. Not sure how experienced he is but ill pass this on.

EDIT: nvm he has never u...

about 5 years ago

Practicing Hand Reading

WOT did a series called where the buffalo roam, maybe TimidK should pay for DC and watch this. Problem solved.

over 5 years ago

50NL TPGK facing c/r (3bet pot)

His raise size is pretty large which is probably more telling in combination with his low fold to 3b and cbet. You need notes on him. Is he raising large to protect against draws or set up turn ...