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almost 8 years ago

Ringside : Goldseraph (#10) - 200NL Rush Poker

Nice to see a Rush vid - definitely somewhere that DC is lacking. Well done, good content. Can't wait for part II and the student videos. Let me know if you need a volunteer

over 8 years ago

Santa's Chanukah Helpers : Episode Five

Just a "heads up", your video title on the main page shows this as a 6max.

over 8 years ago

Mentor : Ansky (#1) - 100NL Heads Up

Agree with a ton of the above comments, easily one of the top videos I've ever seen on DC -- here's hoping it's not a one off and we can get more Ansky hu. Great acquisition for DC.

over 9 years ago

GMandatory : Episode Four

gmandatory, episode 4: like; the return, like, of the likes

over 9 years ago

GMandatory : Episode One

Gman, I gotta, like, say, that your, like, videos are like, unwatchable, cuz like every fourth word, like out of your mouth is like, like.

over 9 years ago

New Year's Programming (starts Monday, Jan. 5)

Where's the plos?

over 9 years ago

QQ, rr shove on the turn 50NL

edit, sorry didn't see you explained about not 3betting pre

over 9 years ago

I want to sign up and get cheap HEM, how can I pay non credit card,?

my friends intrested in this to, and wants to know how much H.E.M is after he signs up?

$56 for the full version, and they'll take transfers via poke...

over 9 years ago

DC HU Videos

Don't forget Bosoxx's duel videos

over 9 years ago

50nl turn play

You posted this on 2p2 as well. I still say as played I'm raising the turn here to ~$18, willing to call it off if he comes back over top.