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over 8 years ago

Duel : Gman (#5) - HU Regulars Part 1

Really like this. Looking forward to learn more about exploiting regulars and the little tings you talk about is very helpful!

over 8 years ago

DUEL: Villain Needed

I would like to play but only have roll on pacific and everestpoker. PM if you are interested

over 8 years ago

Mt. Robusto : Mt. Robusto

I still lack my email - ive signed up for it in the thread Smile

over 8 years ago

Mount Robusto (registration closed)

Im VERY much in!!

over 8 years ago

Remember the Railbirds : Episode Eight

Yo, you know, this is a good series!!

almost 9 years ago

pr1nnyraiding S2 : Episode Two

What are you representing at the last hand? 56 and sets?

almost 9 years ago

pr1nnyraiding : Episode One

This video is not working for me. All the other videos is working Smile