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over 8 years ago

** OFFICIAL ** awesome links thread

not sure if someone have posted this already, but for all who are intrested in future of poker


over 8 years ago

MTT SnG players

Who all plays MTT SnGs on here? I noticed that this is predominantly a STT message board but I'm sure there are some MTT lurkers out there ...</["blockquote"]

over 8 years ago

MTT tracking software

Well let's make you sure. None of these are allowed on FTP or PokerStars. Feel free to use them when you're not playing, but any use while playing breaks the terms of use and is wort...

over 8 years ago

MTT tracking software

What about strictly SnGs, software wise?
Options are Sngwiz, tournament shark or buy out sharkscope which gives hud etc.
Was thinking of buying sngwiz + ST but since HM is tracking R...

over 8 years ago

Comparing softness of the various sites

Sorry for refreshing this one. Anyone who is playing SnGs (turbo pref) on Titan or Betfriends (iPoker) could tell me how is the traffic on those 2 sites?
Played on Ongame but traffic is lo...

over 8 years ago

Mentor : Ansky (#1) - 100NL Heads Up

Great vid.
And having a student like this, who argues a lot is the best you can ask for. At least from the viewer point of view, since we are getting much more info.

almost 9 years ago

MB payment


Is it possible to pay via moneybookers for 1 month? Or paying with MB/ paypal can only be for 6 months and year?
Sorry, but it's a bit unlcear for me with the payment instr...