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about 7 years ago

Micros Coaching Deal (up to 50nl) - $50/sesh for a limited time!

I recommend Goldseraph, he s really a good teacher and have a big background in poker , so as an ex student if you are searching a good coach hit him up !

about 7 years ago

New Kid on the Block : Episode One

This guy is such a clown. He thinks everything is a big joke. Well everyone is laughing at me so maybe I am the clown.

over 7 years ago

Ringside : RapidEvolution (#2) - 100NL Rush

a) This is FR
b) this is rush
c) He's playing very tight preflop and squeezed a tight players open
d) He check-OVERcalled on AAx. When CO bets out, it's plausible tha...