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about 5 years ago

Help me decide where in Europe to move (2p2 x-post)

I'm from Zurich. It's a beautiful city.

Being able to walk everywhere/Not needing a car: Yes, definitely.
Gym/Grocery Store/Dining options within walking distance of m...

about 6 years ago

Krantz is Krushing --- 2012 WSOP ME Thread

go Jay go!

about 6 years ago

Are you there Oliver Improva?

FWIW, Oliver's book and coaching sessions are worth many times the cost of the book. He's definitely one of the best coaches out there imo.


about 7 years ago

NL200 JJ hero call an overbet ?

Its titty squeezing time..

Can you elaborate?

about 7 years ago

Religion thread

Maybe you like: Micheal Shermer on strange beliefs...

about 7 years ago

Jennifer Tilly Is Awesome

Tilly is so so great in BOUND.

about 7 years ago

Religion thread

Buddhism is not a religion. It's a method. Smile