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over 7 years ago

Who listens to the Korean pop group Girls' Generation?

In b4 "OP is gay"

Lol srsly, though, I can't stand this music. It's strangely addictive, though

almost 8 years ago

200NL - TT pre vs SQ from aggro

If our plan is to call a shove, then 4betting slightly bigger is better, assuming villain's range stays the same.

No, it's not. The odds aren't importa...

almost 8 years ago

3bet pot troubles

It's been a few days but the dynamic that we had to this point is that had stacked him, had moved him off multiple 3bet pots, and he likely thought that I was crazy because I iso'ed ...

almost 8 years ago

100NL - Need Betsizing Help with Overpair

I think it's best to balance your 3b range as opposed to your flatting range, but that's not the point of the hand obviously...

I bet $40 on the turn. Any bet is committing but if he ...

almost 8 years ago

100nl , 3bet pot vs minraise of cbet

Honestly, I really don´t like calling the minraise on this board! There are so many bad cards that can hit on the turn (any diamond; Q,K,A he might be minraise bluffing with overs; ...

almost 8 years ago

100nl , 3bet pot vs minraise of cbet

I'd prob tank and call. He'll level himself into a ship on the turn ("Oh I only minraised, maybe he has AQ/AK which has more combos than TT+.....") and you can jam over that and bing bang blaow....

almost 8 years ago

Why 20min videos?

If you watch 3 in a row it will be around an hour.

Seriously though I like the idea. Some topics don't take an hour to discuss. There's a few videos out there where it ...

almost 8 years ago

50NL weird line BvB lots of decisions

I would fold preflop or on the flop, lots of RIO odds in this hand. But if he's been playing really weird (no notes?) and spazzing I like your line a lot.

almost 8 years ago

5NL Deep - Fishy Line, Hero Call OK?

to induce bluffs from this fishy villain who is very likely to bet all missed draws and less likely to call any worthwhile bet with anything I beat on this relatively dry board... A4...

almost 8 years ago

100nl. bet into on river from unpredictatble LAG


With those stats, he isn't an unpredictable LAG, just a clueless idiot.