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over 7 years ago

It's Official - Full Tilt F**king sucks donkey d**k

VPN's are bad, mmmkay. And Full Tilt doesn't suck. It's the stupid fuckhole politicians that suck. Get it straight!

over 7 years ago

play 99 passive vs loose villain

3betting pre is not so bad. Gives us initiative. I also like c/r flop here with the intention of firing turn. Thats just me though.

over 7 years ago

I just shaved my head lol

I used to do it too. But now I got such a hot looking lady that cuts my hair, I am in a dilemma.

We got a vibe going (yes, really. No, she is not just selling. yes, I know...

almost 8 years ago

Account busto/guess i'm done

Best of luck man. I'm actually going thru the same thing tbh. I'm taking a break and reevaluating, I'm not sure if I could quit though even when my mind is saying to. Hopefully something good wi...

almost 8 years ago

How do orders from FT store take

I live in the US and got my order in 2 weeks.

almost 8 years ago

Should I fire my coach?

I wonder if he does this with his other students, that would be fucked.

almost 8 years ago

School vs Poker

This is possible for me and is my current plan. However, as I get between 50-80% RB depending on the month, a significant portion of my winnings comes from putting in volume, which ...

almost 8 years ago

50nl - 3way c/r turn ???

Flatting pre sucks, I like the squeeze, and I'm folding turn.

almost 8 years ago

99 turn play NL10

Raise smaller utg, flops fine, I'd b/f turn a little over half pot, prolly like 2.50, 2.75.

almost 8 years ago

2NL Turn play

do you have donk betting stats on him? When he donks the pot twice I can see a fold here, hard to understand his range with limited info.... just not sure what your beating here.