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about 3 years ago

50NL Q9s 3Bet pot

Calling pre would be only if you had a plan to steal the pot in position with some form of backdoor equity.

I think your hand is incredibly face up and I imagine villain correctly th...

about 5 years ago

50NL - Triple barrel missed NFD?

This is a hand where I chickened out on the river but feel like I should have bombed it.

about 5 years ago

50NL 5b range construction check

I couldn't convert this hand using The Hand Converter so had to use weaktight:


over 5 years ago

50NL-100NL EU Group

Looking for some small stakes player to talk to on skype, only really looking for 2-4 people because want to keep it tight. If interested add me on skype: dan.page91 or PM me here.

over 5 years ago

50NL - TPGK x/shoved on Kxxtt

Villain is complete unknown except over 45 hands he is playing 42/0 so probably rule out that he is a TAG reg.

Poker Stars $0.25/$0.50 No Limit Hold'em - 5 players -

almost 6 years ago


yeh on game is essence. You get rakeback if you lose but if you are a winner you get significantly less rakeback.

almost 6 years ago

NL200 QJs in 3bp w/ FD+2 OC

Why not call turn and if he X to you then shove any non A river?

Also is it standard for people to 3b min SCs? I would have thought that polarized 3b range consist of Ax and Kx, if y...

almost 6 years ago

Top 2p on river --- Stars 200NL

Fold this part of my range, call with QQ/KK.

almost 6 years ago

NL200 TT set

If there was a part of my river range I would assign to bluff catch then this would be it.

almost 6 years ago

NL 100, 3th nuts river

Cbet flop planning to give up? Seems like you are barrelling into a range that has you crushed and is never folding.