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over 7 years ago

Where the Buffalo Roam : Episode Eight

Not into HU but whatever as long as you guys do another series even half as good as this it will be epic.

almost 8 years ago

50nl Combo draw tough spot

UTG was a fishy 39/9 SB was an aggro reg playing 32/27, my general stats on him are 29/23 flop aggro 4.3. I was playing about 22/18.

Should i just stick this in on the flop? Every o...

almost 8 years ago

UK Pros

I'm interested in discussing strat with other 50nl+ 6max professionals based in the UK. Have never used Skype, but can do if needed.

I know there's another UK group but it seems to...

about 8 years ago

Top2 but no good?

Surely we have much better equity getting it in on the flop than the turn, especially as he snap pots it on the turn. I'm struggling to find a combo of hands we're not crushed against here, apar...

about 8 years ago

Top2 but no good?

Villain is playing 41/7 with aggro of 19% so pretty loose passive.

I'm inexperienced at PLO, but have had very good success @ 25PLO so far but not sure what is the best play in this...

about 8 years ago

Two Men Enter : Episode Two

I see your logic about wanting to protect equity with the weaker hands but why not balance your 2/3 pot cbet with the top of your range?

over 8 years ago

Never Tell Me the Odds : Episode Nine

Every video should have Krantz commentary. Legend.

over 8 years ago

Never Tell Me the Odds : Episode Eight

This series is immense, awesome commentary from Krantz and Fender.

over 8 years ago

QJs c-called

Looks fine. I'd be calling the turn bet with the assumption that our J is good and not hoping to improve our hand though the extra bit of equity is always nice.

over 8 years ago

AQ bet - ch- bet vs TAG?

I don't think villain will fold any pair after you take this line so i think if you bet and they fold you've only folded out all his air and the only better hand that may fold is AK so you could...