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over 7 years ago

10NL: Flatting ATs OOP

fold pre & as played fold flop.

Or go ahead, 3bet, c-bet the wrong kind of boards, get in trouble when u flop some marginal made hand and lose money. gogo!

almost 8 years ago

10NL-ish 5-max Deep, TP2ndK facing big river bet

Bet/fold the god daammnn tuurn.

almost 8 years ago

NL200: AA against grindcore

Honnestly, it's a fold. Then again, dutchies don't do weak poker and spew like mad.


almost 8 years ago

Where the Buffalo Roam : Episode Two


over 8 years ago

Mentor : Ansky (#1) - 100NL Heads Up

10 mins in and I love this vid allready ! ^^

over 8 years ago

Float turns a draw NL 400

23/11 is not a standard TAG.
he's rarely to never bluffing the turn and ur only going to be able to rep {33,22} by raising rivers.

Snapfold turn.

over 8 years ago

100NL: cbet gets raised in multiway pot on 933

Jam flop or fold flop imo, if I think it's more likely that he plays draws passive (wich he most likely will) I'll fold and put him on QQ.

If he never plays QQ like this preflop (he...

over 8 years ago

25nl AA on KKX board ?

bet flop, I would pick a standard amount, he's not gonna fold a midpair if you bet 3/4, simply because everyone always bets 3/4.

Bet/fold turn, now is the time to bet smaller, you w...

over 8 years ago

50NL: Overpair on dry board vs passive c/r


I hope you realize I was joking, right? It's a snapfold.

over 8 years ago

50NL: Overpair on dry board vs passive c/r

Easy jam, he floated your super-strong cbet in a multiway pot with the intention of taking it away on the turn when you make a superstrong secondbarrel.

lol ^^