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And Now for Something Different: Go Con...

by DeucesCracked Executive Producers, over 7 years ago, 68 min


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And Now for Something Different: Backga...

by allwind, over 7 years ago, 28 min


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And Now for Something Different: Backga...

by allwind, almost 8 years ago, 52 min


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Grinder 4 life!

Tournament vs. cash game at 2013

2013-04-03 08:17 AM

Hi everybody! I am a young poker player from a small country named Estonia. I used to be a tournament player and I played cash game occasionally, but now I am starting to notice, that it is easier to be a winning player at cash games, rather than tourneys. Competition is getting stronger and stronger and even final tables at some micro limit tourneys are full of very decent players. I started blogging few we ... <a href="/blogs/from0tohero/100301-Tournament-vs-cash-game-at-2013">(continued)</a>


オマハに首ったけ My PLO days

We tend to become tight?

2012-08-29 08:49 AM

It is often said that good stats in 6max PLO is around 20-25/10+/3-3.5 as far as I read through some well known books and articles. Question is “Do you often feel that you become tighter when you play fast poker such as ZOOM or RUSH (oh yeah, we will see it again in this autumn ?).” For my recent 50K hands in PLO25, even if I tried to loosen up my range especially when I’m at CO or BTN, my stats results in like 15/1 ... <a href="/blogs/silentthird/93161-We-tend-to-become-tight-">(continued)</a>


Back To The Trap House

How To Three-Bet in PLO

2012-02-02 08:56 AM

    How to 3bet the right way in PLO   I don’t remember if I posted this or not. I took these notes from the PLO Quickpro program KasinoKrime made. It really has a lot of good information. Don’t believe me? I was playing on Carbon at 10/25 and ran into this player and we kind of got into a cock measuring contest and challenged each other to HU. Well, we ended up skyping and apparently he took 4th in the 10K horse WCOOP ... <a href="/blogs/ashthepro/85851-How-To-Three-Bet-in-PLO">(continued)</a>


Journal of a Poker Education.

First Steps in Reflexive Practice in Poker

2011-07-12 10:16 AM

This post will be in two parts: Towards a definition of Reflexive Practice. My initial foray into online poker. 1 Towards a definition of Reflexive Practice. Before I launch into the blog post I would like to say that my thinking is emerging and evolving and that the purpose of this blog to record my thoughts on theory and practice as they are unfolding. Little that I say will be d ... <a href="/blogs/ukphoenix/72051-First-Steps-in-Reflexive-Practice-in-Poker">(continued)</a>


Keep Calm and Carry On

Grind my Db

2011-03-24 10:13 AM

Inspired by " Search and Destroy ", I’ve been doing some homework on my HEM db.  On the one hand I’m trying to identify my (many) leaks and on the other hand I’m trying to systematically go through hands of other players, make notes, observe lines they are taking etc trying to build up my intuition about what a certain sort of player might do in a particular circumstance.  All the data is there, I just need to do more homework…


Keep Calm and Carry On

Learning about protection a.k.a.Turning into a LAG maniac

2011-02-16 11:46 AM

Another interesting change lately came about as a result of watching “Runninng the Streets” and a couple of subsequent conversations with shuttle about stealing and protection betting.  It’s clear that these are both real weaknesses in my game.  I haven’t been stealing enough and secondly I haven’t been betting for protection in situations where I have some equity.  The combination ... <a href="/blogs/huntse/57281-Learning-about-protection-a-k-a-Turning-into-a-LAG-maniac">(continued)</a>


Keep Calm and Carry On

Play bad vs Run bad

2011-01-31 12:05 PM

OK so my recent run of success couldn’t possibly last and today has been a bit of a bump.  I made a couple of big mistakes, had a bit of bad luck and lost 4 buyins.  Interestingly I noticed that when I have been making money I have been playing pretty tight.  When I am inclined to make mistakes, before the mistakes I’m being laggy.  I start of being successfully laggy, then have the big blowup.  I need to be aware of this and tighten up when I find that my session stats are looking quite laggy.


Keep Calm and Carry On

What Baluga said

2011-01-26 05:47 AM

I was going through a losing streak which started with just run bad, but developed pretty quickly into play bad unfortunately.  Over the last two or three sessions I’ve really turned it around by trying to focus on the basics and in particular something BalugaWhale said in a microstakes forum post : The key points I have to hammer are DONT PAY OFF and GET VALUE. That it!! So that’s the thing.  I’m trying to remember not to pay ... <a href="/blogs/huntse/54461-What-Baluga-said">(continued)</a>


Bow to Your Sensei!

A Strategic Dominion Match Review

2011-01-25 09:37 AM

First of all, if you don’t have any idea what Dominion is (but you enjoy board/card games), stop reading this and go watch our recent video introducing the game .  Now, those of you who are still reading are probably interested in some more advanced strategy, so I’ll serve some up for you. I played a match recently that I found to be full of particularly interesting strategic plays, so I’ll break it down for ... <a href="/blogs/djsensei/54281-A-Strategic-Dominion-Match-Review">(continued)</a>


Oba donk eh?

Why Limit Hold’em is such hard work

2010-08-28 10:11 AM

Heh, this started out as a whinge and ended in a meaningful conclusion that, to be honest, I wasn’t expecting. In summary, here’s why I think Limit Hold’em is hard work: defining narrow ranges in Limit is hard and the rewards for doing so in any one hand are relatively small but if you don’t put in the effort, you will be a loser well before the long run.

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