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DeucesCracked FAQ Blog

Your Guide to NLHE

2015-09-14 03:37 PM

Welcome to the DeucesCrackedFAQ blog! Here we’ll be covering different things currently available to our members here at DeucesCracked, as well as any new and exciting offers that may come along! Today we’re going to start with a little know feature we have here on DC, our Guide to NLHE . The guide has 3 separate tracks, one for live NL, one for online, and one for general poker theory. You should watch them al ... <a href="/blogs/deucescrackedfaq/107111-Your-Guide-to-NLHE">(continued)</a>


Poker Strategy with Valerie Livia

Going for the Scoop in Omaha Hi/Lo

2011-11-15 05:37 PM

For people who know the game well, Omaha Hi/Lo can be one of the most profitable forms of poker that can be played. On the other hand, beginners will often wonder why their strong hands are continually beaten and their stacks gradually reduce to nothing. The reason that professionals and skilled players of the game are able to consistently post profits is because they understand the Omaha poker strategy of ... <a href="/blogs/pokerwhale/81071-Going-for-the-Scoop-in-Omaha-Hi-Lo">(continued)</a>

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