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Last Man Standing: Episode Eight

by AMT, almost 9 years ago, 47 min


$, FR

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rapeface2k blog

Variance is bitch :)

2013-06-19 09:53 PM

Running as fast as I can downhill at the tables atm, I feel like I am hitting the top of villains range in 10 out of 9 times. Not even the EV-line makes me smile since everything is coolers like a 3b AK, flop K84 and getting it in vs KK. Have switched from normal tables to speed tables to be able to get any hands in at iPoker during my best time playing. Even that I am a european I seems to have very different time to pla ... <a href="/blogs/rapeface2k/101561-Variance-is-bitch-">(continued)</a>


Diary of a Donk: Escaping the Dungeons of Online Poker...

Playing style

2012-03-23 01:22 PM

I’ve been watching some BlackRain79 vids over on another training site (shhhh…), he’s one of the most consistent and successful winners at the micros ever, and he’s produced a series called “crushing the micros 6max” where he works from 2nl through 5nl to 10nl and focusses on really sound fundamentals which he basically never deviates from ever. He hunts out fish relentlessly and doesn’t even bother playing against reggy type play ... <a href="/blogs/kepalto/88071-Playing-style">(continued)</a>


Poker and life: about nothing and everything

Hu PLO: montly update

2011-11-19 04:35 PM

YoYo, I know I haven’t made as many updates, as I wanted. But i’m really trying to increase that from now on. October results: I haven’t been putting in enough time away from the table. Making stupid decisions, like playing too long, playing too high and worst of all, my game selection. Actually, the problem is that it doesn’t exist. For as long I have been playing HU PLO, I haven’t quitted a player – mainly because o ... <a href="/blogs/miro347/81531-Hu-PLO-montly-update">(continued)</a>


rapeface2k blog

Hard poker day at 20nl

2011-11-18 10:58 PM

iPoker fucks me hard from behind.  



10k downswing, and starting a plo8 youtube chanel.

2011-09-28 01:32 PM

I’m not the first to say it, but the swings in four card games are kind of sick.  I took a one k roll up to 15k  and started playing 2/4, 3/6, and 5/5 to go on an epic 10k downswing over like 80k hands.  (lololol bankroll management)  Its pretty brtual with my expenses and everything, but I think ill be alright If I actually do stick to a 40 buyin rule this time around. I made a sample video of ... <a href="/blogs/trelskig/77701-10k-downswing-and-starting-a-plo8-youtube-chanel-">(continued)</a>


PLO Journey

Back to poker

2011-07-08 09:36 AM

It is a long time I did not write to this blog. The main reason was that I had a big downswing. One of the biggest so far I would say. It started than I took a shot at PLO50. It went bad… I moved down to PLO25 and it continue to be bad… and finally I started to play some PLO10 even to get some confidence back but I could not win a hand. I decided to play some NLHE where variance is smaller and I have more experience but it did no ... <a href="/blogs/dziurgis/71821-Back-to-poker">(continued)</a>


Piedy´s Blog

To-Do List :) Update 1

2011-06-22 07:28 AM

I kept grinding for almost 2,5 days now and im not running very good. At FTP i have to stepback from NL200 for a few days. I have bound a lot of money in pending cashouts(which i cant cancel LOL) and at UB right now. Combinied with my 4 weeks loosing streak (nothing wild but enough to danger my bankroll on FTP), i will stepback to NL100 or even NL50 until i am able to cash in some money again. Its kinda hard for me to go this ... <a href="/blogs/piedy/70611-To-Do-List-Update-1">(continued)</a>



Running kinda shitty

2011-01-20 06:54 PM

Yeah, I think I’m ~30BI-s in the red over the past 3 days. Haven’t checked the actual numbers. Nothing special, meh… I’m a bit surprised at how little this is affecting me emotionally. I think it’s the biggest downswing  $$$ wise I’ve had playing these SNG-s. Hoping to take shots at HS once this swing is over :D.  Anyway, I’m hoping to get the black card in 30 days, I need something like 27-30k FPP-s to get it. Can’t take a ... <a href="/blogs/tychoon/53691-Running-kinda-shitty">(continued)</a>


Meddling Midstakes

Live vs. Online and running bad

2010-11-30 10:01 PM

I just recently started playing the good old 1/2 at my local casino and realized how bad the players are.  Compared to online, it’s like playing 2nl. I’m on a heater live but I wouldn’t really call it that.  I appears that I’m making just around the same amount of profit as the other regs.  On the other hand, I’ve been on a downswing online causing me to go down in stakes.  Besides not getting paid off in ... <a href="/blogs/azurehaze/47351-Live-vs-Online-and-running-bad">(continued)</a>




2010-11-11 05:43 PM

Running pretty damn bad right now. I’m down around 25BI this month. I’ve only been able to play 120 games. First decent downswing in a while for me. I’ve decreased the number of tables that I’m playing at a time and I’m seriously considering dropping down a limit(98.72% sure I will, 100% sure I will once I get 30 BI into the red). I’m definitely not feeling quite as confident about my game as I used to. For some time I seriously considered ... <a href="/blogs/tychoon/44681-Meh-">(continued)</a>

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