Intro to 6-handed No Limit Hold'em (6MNLHE)

Looking to improve your poker game but don't know where to start? Whether you're playing live or online, the videos listed below will help you get started. Improving at poker requires equal parts theory and practice, and in these videos, we'll cover a mix of poker theory alongside live play and hand review to help you familiarize yourself with the basics of NLHE.

Strategy Articles

Wondering what VPIP, 3-bet, or PFR mean? Take a look at this list of helpful acronyms and terms. That list includes a lot of common (and quite a few uncommon) acronyms that are common on poker forums.

Theory Videos

Our theory videos focus on the core concepts that will help you improve your game. Think of them as prerequisites for your poker education: you may be able to get by without them, but you'll improve much faster if you spend a good portion of your time focusing on fundamentals. These videos require focused attention, so get out a pad of paper (or better yet, watch our video on how to take notes and ask questions using the DeucesCracked video player) and start taking notes.

Mathematics of No Limit Hold'em by Aaron "WiltOnTilt" Wilt

Mathematics of NLHE is one of DeucesCracked's oldest video series, and it stands the test of time. While hand ranges have changed and strategies have evolved, the core theory behind them is firmly rooted in math and the nature of expected value. Mathematics of NLHE is the foundation for any solid understanding of poker, touching on concepts ranging from implied & reverse implied odds to how to calculating expected value against ranges of hands.

Topics Covered: probability, pot odds, implied odds, reverse implied odds, equity calculations, expected value calculations, fold equity, value betting

Tolerance by Jacob "threads13" Hoke

Playing poker requires patience, and lots of it. In Tolerance, Jacob Hoke discusses the role of statistics in poker in great detail. Watching Tolerance will help teach the basics behind understanding winrates, what kind of winning and losing streaks are expected, and how much of a role variance has in poker. If you think that you should win every time you sit down at the tables, Tolerance is a great series to watch to help you understand just how unlikely that is, and to help guide your understanding of what to expect when playing poker.

Topics Covered: probability, variance, statistics, win rates, post-session review strategies, pre-session routines, self-evaluation

Applied Math by Josh "sthief09" Plotkin

You know the numbers behind poker are important, but don't know where to start. Or maybe you know the basics of poker math but aren't able to apply them to improve your game. If either of these describes you, you're in the right place. For this series, sthief09 will teach you the basics and help you transform them into a way to test theories, try out alternative lines, and get a better understanding of the numbers that are the driving force behind poker.

Topics Covered: expected value, using excel for poker calculations, testing theories, poker equations

The Haj School by Aaron "WiltOnTilt" Wilt

Haj School (pronounced "high school") is a meta-series designed to help you maximize your DeucesCracked experience. Between theory videos, live play videos, posting and discussing hands, studying with friends and more, studying poker can be overwhelming. In Haj School, Aaron Wilt breaks down the art and science of studying poker to help you keep from becoming overwhelmed, and to give you a structure for improving your studying habits.

Topics Covered: live videos, theory videos, discussing hands, studying poker, reviewing weaknesses

Live Play / Review Videos

Fundamentals are important, no doubt. But in order to become a fully-developed poker player, you need to mix theory with practice. Our live play videos give you an opportunity to do that without risking your own bankroll. There's no substitute for getting out on the tables yourself, but watching "game film" can have its advantages. Watching these videos while paying close how our instructors think can help fill in some of the blanks when it comes to your poker knowledge.

Pay close attention to why our instructors make the decisions that they do and you'll be able to adapt your game to changing game conditions - a key requirement for playing winning poker. Hand ranges and poker strategy has developed since these videos were initially released, but the thought process which leads to making decisions is still incredibly valuable. We highly recommend watching at least the first episode of Haj School before starting too heavily on live play videos. How you study live play videos is half the battle.

6-handed NLHE Videos

The Coaching Tree by Andrew "BalugaWhale" Seidman

Most winning poker players have improved their game by discussing hands at length with each other. In The Coaching Tree, you can witness the process of discussing hands in real-time, as DeucesCracked coaches BalugaWhale and Tubasteve critique, discuss, and analyze advice designed for DeucesCracked members. This series will help provide the foundations for what hands to play from different positions, as well as understanding the reasons for playing those hands.

Topics Covered: preflop ranges, bluffing, value betting, coaching, handreading, abc poker, microstakes play

Yin and Yang by Tim "inavacuum" Richards

Playing winning poker at the microstakes doesn't involve as many creative or advanced play as higher stakes, but there are still situations where non-standard plays can add to your winrate. Learn how to play not only ABC poker, but also when to employ creative bluffs and different lines to increase your winnings.

Topics Covered: handreading, abc poker, microstakes play, different lines, creative play