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DeathDonkey : Update: Commerce still a zoo

published over 11 years ago

I went up to Commerce on Thursday night with my brother for some poker action and to see the many guys I know who have made their way to town for the tournament action.  I played in amazing 100/200 games all trip, but Thursday night in particular I ran up 12k in a great game, and then proceeded to lose it and finish down 4k - nice swinging.  Schneids was around playing 600/1200 or whatever crazy biggest limit game happened to be going, and I found Pokerbob, Bicyclekick, BradL, Newhizzle, Stinkypete, Gabe, Tongni, and I'm sure others I'm forgetting at various times on the trip.  Despite all the extra solid pros around the games I played in were fantastic, so can't complain about that.

Friday I woke up and played the 1k limit tournament along with a bunch of the aforementioned 2+2ers. Pretty sure we all busted in the first three hours playing LAGgy and not running good.  Oh well, LOL donkaments right? After that I took a break - tournament bustouts are depressing to me regardless of the cost of the buyin or distance I made it in the tournament, puts me in a not-good state of mind right afterwards.  Later I played some 100/200 and 200/400 and played extremely well, found my rare A game.  Except one hand at 2/4 against Ian J (very solid good young player) who raises on the button (wide range). I call in the BB with pocket Queens (I rarely do this but experimenting recently). Flop is JT4 rainbow, I check, he checks behind.  This is so weird and it frazzles me because people never check behind here.  Turn pairs the ten, I bet, he raises! So if I were playing great I would have realized at the time he either somehow has a ten or jacks full, or he has air. But I 3 bet and he called, I value bet a brick river, got raised again, and paid off to see T7s.  He played the hand sort of weird but extracted the max. and I played it poorly.  Other than that hand I played really really well though, and the game sort of sucked so I had to play great plus I made a smart decision and quit after not too long of it sucking.

Saturday I played some more 100/200 in great games, didn't play as well, and ran sort of bad but broke even after being up a couple racks (feels like a loss every time).  Nothing too interesting to report as I mostly just grinded away for many hours a day, but I made a bit of money and got to see all the guys while they are around.  Next weekend I go to Vegas with Entity, Joe Tall and some others so I won't be up to Commerce for awhile, but should have fun stuff to report from Vegas.

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