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Good moment for a semibluff?

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Poker Stars $1/$2 Limit Hold'em - 8 players - View hand 1367949
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Pre Flop: (1.5 SB) Hero is BB with Q Spade K Diamond
2 folds, MP1 raises, 1 fold, CO calls, 1 fold, SB calls, Hero calls

Flop: (8 SB) 5 Heart J Spade 5 Club (4 players)
SB checks, Hero checks, MP1 bets, CO calls, SB folds, Hero calls

Turn: (5.5 BB) A Club (3 players)
Hero checks, MP1 bets, CO folds

I think he can have some middle pocket pairs, KT, QT, KJ, QJ TJ, big pockets as well,hands i think he can fold. there are now 6.5 BB with his turn bet, i'm risking 2BB to win 6'5BB, i'll catch my gutshot and sometimes lose and i'll catch a pair and sometimes win...WHAT YOU THINK IS THE BEST OPTION?

Posted almost 7 years ago


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I would just Ch/Fold the turn. I think your being way too generous with the amount of hands he can have on the turn that will fold to your turn C/R. First off, I think its unlikely players will fold QQ-KK or even KJ/QJ to your turn C/R. Secondly, you need to consider how often a player is likely to play a hand like TT, KT, KJ, or even KK this way postflop. Some players won't bet a hand like KT on the flop 4-ways. Some players won't bet a hand like KJ or even KK on this turn. However, they will always bet hands like JJ, AK, AJ.

Posted almost 7 years ago


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Agree with the above--not as much fold equity as you think...just check fold.

Posted almost 7 years ago

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