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A4s Blindbattle

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BB is a standard aggressive TAG. Am I overplaying this hand on the river?

Poker Stars $2.00/$4 Limit Hold'em - 5 players - View hand 1347520
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Pre Flop: (1.5 SB) Hero is SB with A Spade 4 Spade
3 folds, Hero raises, BB calls

Flop: (4 SB) 9 Spade K Diamond 4 Diamond (2 players)
Hero bets, BB raises, Hero calls

Turn: (4 BB) 3 Spade (2 players)
Hero checks, BB bets, Hero calls

River: (6 BB) A Club (2 players)
Hero checks, BB bets, Hero raises, BB 3-bets, Hero caps!, BB calls

Final Pot: 14 BB

Posted almost 7 years ago


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I think its fine.

He should expect you to cr Ax on the riv here so he should 3b his 2pair hands

I might donk/3bet riv fwiw

Posted almost 7 years ago


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Agree with Deepsquat. I would probably construct his range with A9o, & 44 as hands that beat you and K9, K4s, K3s as hands your beating. More than enough worse hands to justify a cap and you don't have to worry about a 5-bet.

Posted almost 7 years ago


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I b3b the river. The A scares a lot of hands into checking that would call a donk.

Posted almost 7 years ago


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Again i agree with Nina. And when he 3bets you on the river i dont actually think its a cap, although its close. Would need a read which im hoping you have.

Posted almost 7 years ago

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