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Raising the flop with the intention of folding to a 3bet, and checking behind on the turn, is very inconsistent poker. If you think he has Ax a high portion of the time you should fold; if you think he has draws a high portion of the time you should raise the flop or the turn, depending on whether or not you think he\'ll lead the turn with J7/QJ/etc. As is, the totally \"standard\" (readless) play is to call down, and take a note on what he coldcalls with. There are a lot of options in this situation, but with no read on your opposition it\'s really hard to establish the \"best\" line. Folding, however, will rarely enter into it.

I fairly frequently take a passive line here in passive games of call/call/call. This is modified as I learn more about the player. The main reason that raising the flop with the intention of checking the turn is incorrect is that you\'re charging yourself extra bets vs. an Ace, but failing to capitalize on value vs hands like JT and draws. If you feel that you\'re ahead often enough on the flop to be raising for value, you should continue to valuebet throughout the hand.

In this hand, once he checks the river, you should value bet. You\'ll get paid off by all sorts of trash here. Yes, he\'ll have Ax occasionally, but not nearly as often as he\'ll have a curious Q9/KT/etc sort of hand that will make a bad river call.


Posted about 11 years ago


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WPEX 1-2 6max
No reads as this is the second orbit I have played.

Hero has QsQc
3 players fold, Hero Raises on the Button, SB calls, BB calls

3 players to the flop 6SB

SB bets, BB folds, Hero Raises, SB calls
I didnt really know how to interpret this donkbet. It seems odd that he would do this with an Ace or better, as he would probably go for a checkraise, but lately Ive seen a good number of donkbets meaning the goods on WPEX. I decided to raise intending to fold to a 3bet, and to check behind on the turn.

Turn 5BB
Ah 10c 9d 4h

SB checks, Hero checks

River 5BB

Ah 10c 9d 4h 8c

SB checks, Hero checks

I realize that I probably shouldve bet the turn or river or both, but I had goofed this up so much that I didnt even know what to do. This clearly could be a leak in my game. How would you guys have played this one?

Posted about 11 years ago

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