Poker Video: Misc/Other by KRANTZ (Micro/Small Stakes)

Mt. Robusto: Mt. Robusto

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Mt. Robusto: Mt. Robusto by KRANTZ

Find yourself looking at over a thousand videos in the DeucesCracked library, wondering what you should watch? KRANTZ, DJ Sensei, Improva and Melville introduce you to Mt. Robusto, a project to help narrow down your choices and break down our content library into manageable portions to help you along the path to poker dominance.

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Join DeucesCracked Founders, EPs, coaches and members as they map the path to Robusto's Peak and poker dominance. What is Mt. Robusto? Tune in and find out.


mt. robusto Mount Robusto paths where do i start? what videos should i watch?

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Comments for Mt. Robusto: Mt. Robusto

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Avatar for xix

310 posts
Joined 10/2008

This sounds like it's going to be awesome. I'm definitely excited to be part of this.

Posted over 8 years ago


Avatar for Patjeto

192 posts
Joined 09/2008

Cool. I really like this concept. I also think that a lot of people will benefit from this. Knowing were stuff fits in the grand scheme of things is what I was/am looking for.

Good stuff DC!

Posted over 8 years ago


Avatar for simpleme

1052 posts
Joined 07/2009


Avatar for riddlemedeuce

179 posts
Joined 12/2008


Avatar for simpleme

1052 posts
Joined 07/2009


Avatar for thelynchmob1

1040 posts
Joined 09/2009

Thanks guys, REALLY looking forward to this. Can't wait to get started with it.

Posted over 8 years ago


Avatar for camietc

120 posts
Joined 06/2009

This sounds great! Looking forward to meeting new folks and learning more from the awesome videos at DC!

Posted over 8 years ago


Avatar for Chimeni

93 posts
Joined 04/2009

Nice...where do i sign up or is it too late? Relevance is key (imo). Watched a ton of vids and it's interesting how the game has evolved since the first ones were made. Key concepts the same, but player tendancies at different levels is what I mean.

DC, you all do a great job. Appreciate it.

Posted over 8 years ago


Avatar for borleh

6 posts
Joined 10/2009

Awesome, I'd just finished downloading every video and was about to start the same kinda thing. This will save me a ton of work Grin

Posted over 8 years ago


Avatar for Choparno

90 posts
Joined 08/2008

I feel like you guys are working hard to help us maintain our edge. That's great. Heart DC

Also, for new members, use common sense and read the video guide. Maybe it could be stickied to the front page perhaps. Once you find this, you should be able to navigate your preferred path to poker wisdom.

Posted over 8 years ago


Avatar for madlex

336 posts
Joined 12/2008


Avatar for Mykill

489 posts
Joined 10/2009


Avatar for CDA

1528 posts
Joined 01/2009

Sounds awesome! For vids watched, I think I might be a close second behind Tecmo. Poke Tongue

Posted over 8 years ago


Avatar for JDOG1645

112 posts
Joined 11/2009

I have to be in the running for vids watched. I have some side work that doesnt require me to do anything but be at a certain spot twice a week for about 8 hours. Take the laptop and I watch on average 20 vids a week Smile

Posted over 8 years ago

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