Poker Video: No Limit Hold'Em by tubasteve (Micro/Small Stakes)

The Coaching Tree: Episode One

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The Coaching Tree: Episode One by tubasteve, BalugaWhale

Welcome to the coaching tree where students become coaches and coaches become students. In the series premere Tubasteve coaches his student and gets coached himself by his former mentor, BalugaWhale

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BalugaWhale and tubasteve climb the Coaching Tree. Many may not know that BalugaWhale is tubasteve's old poker coach. Watch them reunite as Steve coaches our members and Andrew coaches Steve on the coaching. 6max NL.


tubasteve balugawhale 6max nlhe micro-stakes 4-tabling the coaching tree

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Comments for The Coaching Tree: Episode One

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Avatar for Paracelse

25 posts
Joined 03/2008

very very nice video

However i am not really agree whith that BalugaWhale said about the limped pot with 72o on board 732 two tone against 2 opponent, especially after what he said with the 99 on QJ7 flop
The protection is more important in the second spot (any random card over hte 7 can suckout us), and a bet have more value(we have top pair vs third pair), whereas we are only slightly less likely to take the pot down (yes it is 3way, but it's a only a limped pot and the board don't fit the "high card area"), so i think the second spot it's an easy bet too.
I don't see why the second situation have more RIO, basically in both we don't put more money in the pot after the flop bet.

Posted over 9 years ago


Avatar for czzarr

243 posts
Joined 02/2008

wow baluga is absolutely amazing. i'm very fortunate that i didn't stop video when i saw it was 25nl
i mean the commentary is just sick! looking forward to the next episodes for sure !

Posted over 9 years ago


Avatar for tubasteve

7647 posts
Joined 11/2007

sup fellas.

I normally wouldn't watch a video made at limits as low as these, but I am sure glad that I did. I definitely took stuff away from this video, and I really just can't even imagine how awesome a video at higher limits will be. If you guys decide to hit up the 200NL level for one of these coaching tree episodes, holler at me for a submission.

thanks though and nice work both of you


tyty and we already have all the member submissions, but never fear b/c here is the progression for the rest of the series:

ep 2: 50nl 6-max
ep 3: 100nl 6-max
ep 4: 50nl FR
ep 5: 100nl FR
ep 6: 200nl 6-max
ep 7: 200nl 6-max
ep 8: 400nl 6-max

Posted over 9 years ago


Avatar for StoppingFist

67 posts
Joined 01/2008

One of the best videos I've ever seen. Excellent explanations of fundamental concepts. The quizzing of tubasteve/the viewer is really helpful.

Posted over 9 years ago


Avatar for Emperor

30 posts
Joined 03/2008


Avatar for forker

1028 posts
Joined 05/2008

Thank you Belugawhale, and Tubasteve for this excellent coaching video.

I felt like back in school and wanted to start taking notes Smile

Posted over 9 years ago


Avatar for Losingdonkey

14 posts
Joined 04/2008

Oh cool a baluga video at 25nl how delightfully useless!

Posted over 9 years ago


Avatar for treppex

279 posts
Joined 04/2008

this is good shit.
thanks for making it.

Posted over 9 years ago


Avatar for tehmac

90 posts
Joined 01/2008

Oh cool a baluga video at 25nl how delightfully useless!


Newbies *sigh*.

Posted over 9 years ago


Avatar for shark_fishin

266 posts
Joined 03/2008


Avatar for tubasteve

7647 posts
Joined 11/2007

Oh cool a baluga video at 25nl how delightfully useless!

oh cool losingdonkey posted in my thread without watching the video first, how delightfully awesome!

Posted over 9 years ago


Avatar for EvilSky

78 posts
Joined 01/2008

I think its awesome how baluga puts steve on the defensive and makes him look like a newbie Grin
If every other vid in the series is as good as this my head is gonna implode.

Posted over 9 years ago


Avatar for PatrickSwayze

4 posts
Joined 08/2008

Sugar Nut

Avatar for Sugar Nut

842 posts
Joined 03/2008

Oh btw,

what dos George Lucas say to you stealing the chewbacca sound for Balugawhale in the intro Grin

Posted over 9 years ago


Avatar for xerocat

674 posts
Joined 03/2008

"goddammit, nobody can be this good at internetpokers" sums it up.

Wow. Just wow. This is a steep hill to climb, indeed. It is pretty inspiring.

Posted over 9 years ago

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