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Hello everyone! So after a long break from poker (and Deucescracked) i decided to give it another shot. This time as a tournament poker player.

My first question here will be about ranges, As i used to have standard ranges to deviate from when i played cash, i also want the same for tournament poker. I downloaded this Shove/Fold app on my cellphone, which seems legit, and i want to double check some of it's reccommended ranges here with you guys.
Here goes (9max):

10BB From UTG: 11,5%
10BB From HJ: 20,5%
10BB From BTN: 33%

Theese are a few suggestions that i'm gettting.

I'm also wondering if it is game theoretically correct to adjust our ranges/play the closer we get to the bubble or if that does not change what hands we play at all?

Posted over 1 year ago

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