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pr1nnyraiding: Episode Two

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pr1nnyraiding: Episode Two by KRANTZ, WiltOnTilt

In Episode two, KRANTZ and WiltOnTilt talk about how to battle one of the most common player types in HU NLHE, the short stack. They begin by identifying the player type, then talk about how they play and what your General strategy should be against them. The episode concludes by discussing several examples of how to take advantage of their tendencies and exploit their strategies through hands played at 1/2nl HU.

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Krantz and WiltOnTilt provide a heads up No Limit primer. A comprehensive guide to beating small stakes HU NLHE.


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Comments for pr1nnyraiding: Episode Two

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Avatar for vadskajagha

37 posts
Joined 01/2008

Hey vadskajagha,
Hopefully you take this in such a way that you see that we appreciate the comments, but hope you can not see videos for what they are at the same time as you're telling us how we can improve. I know that's a tough job, but I hope you can understand where we're coming from and that we definitely *are* listening to what you have to say and suggest, but that we also hope you can see that we take the approach that if you try to design something for everyone, you'll inevitabily design something that doesn't work for anybody -- and we want to avoid that.

Great post, just wanted to point out that I wrote: "And dont get me wrong, supersolid content as far as beginner-stuff go for sure."
Secondly, I just don't see how it could be a bad thing to serve both partys (parties?! My English is pure garbage at times) in one dining? I mean, have some beginner stuff up here on Fridays and jam up some highstakes content on Mondays or whatever. Anyway, I really don't want to make an argument out of this, cuz it was never intended to be one, more or less just some friendly advice.

peace. (with white doves and everything)

Posted about 10 years ago


Avatar for Entity

8664 posts
Joined 11/2006

Yeah, I definitely get ya. It's mostly going to be a function of how much material we can really produce right now, and this time around we decided to devote ourselves toward a variety of content (Full Ring NL, SSNL, SSNL-MSNL, HULHE, LHE6m, LHE Coaching, PLO, HUNLHE, and The HUament) more than a variety of stakes. We'll be switching this up over time and also will be adding more and more contributors to our roster as we grow, so hopefully you can see that we're listening and are improving but also realize that unfortunately we can't make everything for everybody all the time. Basically we'll never let our quality standards decrease, and it's easy to run that risk if we have our producers stretched too thin. Smile

Either way, we'll definitely be taking all of this into consideration for season 3 and you don't have long until you'll see some changes as a result of your suggestions -- so hope this carries some weight for ya. Smile

take care (ps - your English really isn't bad at all, stop apologizing!)

Posted about 10 years ago


Avatar for LouPinella

59 posts
Joined 01/2008

swedish guy, how about you make a crazy ass scandy video for some entertainment for us nitty americans...and if that's not possible, at least post some pics of those hot swedish girlies

Posted about 10 years ago


Avatar for vadskajagha

37 posts
Joined 01/2008

Oh and another thing, clone Krantz so everyone who are willing to pay may have him as a coach.

Posted about 10 years ago


Avatar for WiltOnTilt

2988 posts
Joined 10/2007

Wilt can sometimes be very slow at saying his name. Don't do drugs kids ;--) I can picture it: Dude: What's your name man ? Wilt: ...euh... I don't know man.. Dude: What ? Wilt: I mean.euh...This is Wilt.......... on tilt. <= awkward moment, guy is thinking, he doesn't know his name ? LOL, just teasing dude. This actually happened to me once.

i was doing this on purpose... making a play on words... i guess i'll explain (in a short winded way)

real name: Aaron Wilt
screen name: WiltOnTilt

intro: Hello this is Aaron Wilt ... on Tilt

im rly nt a dwny


Posted about 10 years ago


Avatar for Ulkis

671 posts
Joined 10/2007

Using the current HU series as an example, sure, both players new to HU and advanced HU players need to be facilitated.
To my mind it makes sense to start from the beginning and afterwards move to the advanced series or one-off specials.

Think about the feedback had Krantz and Wilt moved straight to the advanced stuff (whatever that is)?

Posted about 10 years ago


Avatar for playforfoodz

31 posts
Joined 01/2008

in his dangerlion blog krantz hinted that he could run through his session vs Ellipses (durrrr's other screen name), and if that's what i'm thinking (the session when we won a lot of buyins off durrrr, basically the one that launched him in the hs hu), then i'll buy 3 years of subscription outright Poke Tongue

Posted about 10 years ago


Avatar for mSd

5 posts
Joined 02/2008

I just wanted to take a minute to say that I am more excited about this particular line of videos than any other on the internet. I have been dying to learn how to play proper HU poker, but although many of the other videos on the net are great, they assume that people already have a solid understanding of HU play. I have been taking extensive notes on the first two pr1nny vids and I am already eagerly anticipating the next. Thank you very much for breaking down HU play into a way that I can easily adapt to and learn from.

Posted about 10 years ago


Avatar for foal

18 posts
Joined 02/2008

I'm glad you made this video. Not feeling confident against shortstacks is a big reason I'd been avoiding HU way down at 50NL. I've played a bunch since watching this and it's been a funny (and profitable) ride. This one guy bought in for 25 and would start openshoving whenever he got below 20.

Also FWIW I've found WoT to be the most effective instructor on the site period and am def happy he's on board for this series.

Posted about 10 years ago


Avatar for Expert_Wanna_B

90 posts
Joined 01/2008

Just want to say that I am really glad this site is beginner friendly and starts off the series with the basic fundamentals. Other sites I have been a part of have not been beginner friendly. The best part of this site in my opinion is I can learn the basic fundamentals of of the game here.

Transforming from a Donkey to a Bionic Shark

Posted about 10 years ago


Avatar for grebgokz

35 posts
Joined 02/2008

D)Your in Sweden kid go fishing, don't play poker. No offense, just imho.

Well we swedes are just to much for ya arent we? Wink

Btw besides poker fishing is my foremoest hoby, you should try it helps you think of othter stuffs than bad beats.

Posted about 10 years ago


Avatar for Radeh

221 posts
Joined 01/2008

I went from hating short-stackers to loving short-stackers recently. They are just so profitable, at least at the .25/.5 level.

They are so so so so so easy to trap into going all-in. The best ones are those who stick around after sucking out. Sometimes they get really frustrated and switch to "monkey-maniac-all-in" mode.

I just don't bother playing marginal hands against short-stackers, because I don't mind losing 5 blinds if I know I can get it all back when they go all-in with their J2o against my AK a few hands later...

@foal: I love your avatar...

Posted about 10 years ago


Avatar for shawn

149 posts
Joined 03/2008

Well, I have no HUHU experience and this series has totally opened my mind to this game. I was frequently the player on the other side who would play HU with a partial buy-in as I monkey-tilted off the remains of my roll. Now that I have some idea of what the HU game is all about I'm really digging it.

Posted about 10 years ago


Avatar for spigot

22 posts
Joined 03/2008

I just started to play HU and had difficult opponent who was loose passive and at same time weak tight. How do you play against those type of players? He had stats 44/1/3 and went to SD 19. I had no clue how to play against him. he won 80% of showdowns. Can't wait for that weak-tight part of your series hopefully I can get few ideas from that.

Posted about 10 years ago


Avatar for burcak

11 posts
Joined 03/2008

I like the series. It may be beginner stuff, but that's ok, because I am a beginner too.

I also think it is inevitably hard to make a non-beginner HU video, simply because I believe it is a matter of feel and adjustment. It is like teaching how to improvise. That's just my opinion.

Anyway thanks for the videos.

Posted about 10 years ago

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