Poker Video: Misc/Other by DeathDonkey (Mid Stakes)

Mentor: DeathDonkey (#8) - $3/6 Triple Draw

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Mentor: DeathDonkey (#8) - $3/6 Triple Draw by DeathDonkey

DeathDonkey reviews some $3/6 play from Snowboard789.

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Comments for Mentor: DeathDonkey (#8) - $3/6 Triple Draw

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Avatar for snowboard789

520 posts
Joined 03/2011

mess hud_config.xml in the users/name/roaming/fpdb dir edit it with notepad
its pretty straightforward when you go to the 273draw section
add column,row numbers accordingly :
add this for color stat_hicolor="#33FF33"
add this for which stat u want stat_name="pfr"
i have vpip,pfr,three_Bmsteal,f_BB_steal

Posted about 6 years ago


Avatar for rubbishaka80

555 posts
Joined 07/2007

There are some stats missing towards the HUD in the video.

I was kinda hoping you could just post your layout?

Posted about 6 years ago


Avatar for snowboard789

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Joined 03/2011


Avatar for iamvillain

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Joined 01/2012


Avatar for Casual

23 posts
Joined 05/2012


min 19 -20: You prefer to break 8753 bb vs sb and draw to 753? If I were to break I would draw to 853 and I think keeping the 8753 is better. I don't have prove for this but I believe it has been working fine for me this way. Could you elaborate a little bit more on this scenario?

Posted almost 6 years ago


Avatar for HJD

1018 posts
Joined 05/2010

i also draw 1, and thought i mentioned it earlier itt.

Posted almost 6 years ago

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