Poker Video: No Limit Hold'Em by KRANTZ (High Stakes)

Lightsabers Two: Episode Four

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Lightsabers Two: Episode Four by KRANTZ

KRANTZ 2-tables deep stack 6max. learn to play when all the chips are not on the line.

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In a continuation of KRANTZ's smash hit, the pr1nny is back, and dominating some 6max NLHE!


krantz lightsabers two $10/20 $15/30 6max nlhe 2-tabling deep stack

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Comments for Lightsabers Two: Episode Four

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Joe Tall

Avatar for Joe Tall

6695 posts
Joined 11/2006

Correct me if I am wrong but you really learn to read hands and situations once you start playing HU.

This is completely false. In fact, it's 100% opposite in most cases. Without foundations of ring game play, limiting ranges, and multiway pots, HU hand reading would be extremely difficult to learn.

Posted over 9 years ago


Avatar for insyder19

106 posts
Joined 08/2007

Ahh ok.

I started out playing 6max and play HU mainly for 2 months now and it really helped a lot for my 6max game.

I feel much more comfortable now when I play 6max because I understand and read other people hands much better.

Posted over 9 years ago


Avatar for lirarmange

90 posts
Joined 04/2008

how do you get your HEM's HUD to display what each number means in front of it?

Hud Options > Player Preferences, [x]Show abbreviations

Posted over 9 years ago


Avatar for TimDawg

3 posts
Joined 01/2008


Avatar for holdthefire

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Joined 03/2008

Great vid, but can you explain more the logic behind the river snap call in the last hand? The video ends pretty quickly after that Smile

Posted over 9 years ago


Avatar for TheSjaak

23 posts
Joined 05/2008

Can't help but have a question for you krantz, hope I get lucky and get a reply.

On the 77 hand 27:00 or so, you say you're protecting your hand and getting value from the hands that you're protecting from. But then you say your line looks superstrong, so I wonder does this adds up. If your line looks so strong, worse hands won't call you right? Certainly can't see him calling a near pot sized bet with a bare ace of clubs. So is it for the most part just about protecting your hand against his very wide range then?

Posted over 9 years ago


Avatar for theRabidDoG

53 posts
Joined 01/2008

that "stack/stat - seizure" was the funniest thing ive ever heard in a video. def gonna bookmark it and watch it again if i need to laugh...

thx gr8 vid krantz

Posted about 9 years ago

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