Poker Video: No Limit Hold'Em by FoxwoodsFiend (High Stakes)

Ghost: FoxwoodsFiend (#2) - $40/80 6max

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Ghost: FoxwoodsFiend (#2) - $40/80 6max by FoxwoodsFiend

FoxwoodsFiend sits down with some stacks of high society, playing $40/80 6max. Listen as he teaches tricks to beating some of the best.

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Ghost the best of DeucesCracked in the shorthanded games they play in today.


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Comments for Ghost: FoxwoodsFiend (#2) - $40/80 6max

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Avatar for Speedlimits

30 posts
Joined 04/2008

Also the 46hh hand where you pot the river. How do you feel about an overbet? I think your river pot bet is standard but the overbet protects against a bluff. And I don't think he is that much more likely to fold to a bigger bet because once he calls the turn he has made up in his mind that he is calling most river bets. But once you bet pot on the river I think him bluffing is more EV than calling because you will probably fold 2 pair/straight type hands. What's the worst hand you call a river shove with?

Posted almost 9 years ago


Avatar for kbrinson85

40 posts
Joined 07/2008

this is great....we need more FWF. nice to see krantz make an appearance too.

Posted almost 9 years ago


Avatar for FoxwoodsFiend

345 posts
Joined 10/2007

with the hand where you had the flush, wouldnt the river be a perfect spot for an overbet after he calls the turn? any thoughts on why this might be a good/bad play ariel?

i think an overbet with such a small flush is pretty bad. i'll have to think about why more clearly (it's pretty late), but i don't think it's good

Posted almost 9 years ago


Avatar for FoxwoodsFiend

345 posts
Joined 10/2007

Folding KJs 5 handed against a 3bet? You said you would rather 4bet then fold but just flatting OOP seems fine too. What are your thoughts?

i think against a very good player on whom i don't have much of a read or too much history, KJs is a huge reverse implied odds disaster (often dominated by his value range, he bluffs often enough that i don't know what boards are safe to play back at him on, etc)

Posted almost 9 years ago


Avatar for Already.Dead

8 posts
Joined 05/2009

Insane line up.
Thanks for posting a Ghost Video with such good players inside. Due to the fact there is only 1 table (which is perfectly understanding), there is not so much hot spots but it will be a pleasure to see more videos like this one on DC.

Posted almost 9 years ago


Avatar for illpayyouback

40 posts
Joined 11/2008

i think an overbet with such a small flush is pretty bad. i'll have to think about why more clearly (it's pretty late), but i don't think it's good

i thought you said previously that many fish cannot overbet without the nuts...

since Abba knows you are not a fish don't you think he could think you could be doing this with a wide range including bluffs? I don't think he can ever show up with a bigger flush with the line he took, so I would be pretty sure you had the best hand

Posted almost 9 years ago


Avatar for mikefut

2135 posts
Joined 03/2008

This lineup may be one of the sickest I have ever seen. Wow. Great stuff.

Posted almost 9 years ago


Avatar for surfdoc

191 posts
Joined 02/2007

I believe Bryce is Freedom25.

He is a huge fish. lol "I tableratings him and didnt find anything"

This is likely a function of "retirement"

Posted almost 9 years ago


Avatar for renz

1 posts
Joined 02/2008

Well in the video you say you have been doing these bluffs before, which makes him call, couldnt he end up calling because of "you know he is weak, and he knows you know" so the result so be pretty much the same?

Just in these days where overbets seems to be happen pretty often i thought you would overbet for sure Smile

Ok video, a couple of more interesting spots wouldnt hurt though, maybe replayer next time to take out the interesting spots?

Posted almost 9 years ago


Avatar for Melville

745 posts
Joined 02/2008

Nice to have you back, Fox. I just want to encourage you to make more of these vids, it's just highly interesting AAA stuff you're presenting. I don't mind one-tabling, that says it all. nh.

Posted almost 9 years ago


Avatar for johnmiller23

4 posts
Joined 10/2008


Avatar for AzaFolkz

159 posts
Joined 07/2008

The blinds ($40/$80) tilt me

Don't you think it's stupid to make no limit games with these blinds instead of 50/100 or 25/50 ?

Moreover, I think these types of blinds scare fishs

Posted almost 9 years ago


Avatar for caperbii

131 posts
Joined 08/2009

Its pretty hard not to follow the observer chat here... buddy is waiting on a job from burger king. classic...

Posted over 8 years ago


Avatar for benny1978

32 posts
Joined 08/2009

Liquid Cash

Avatar for Liquid Cash

144 posts
Joined 07/2011

Great video. I am a bit distracted by the observer chat which features Tim 1982 saying the most ridiculous things but that's not a complaint Smile

Posted over 6 years ago

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