Poker Video: No Limit Hold'Em by KRANTZ (High Stakes)

Never Tell Me the Odds: Episode Thirteen

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Never Tell Me the Odds: Episode Thirteen by KRANTZ

The move upwards continues as KRANTZ and FenderJaguar talk about FenderJaguar's play at $5/10.

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Get a look inside KRANTZ's coaching program. How do you take a mid-stakes grinder and turn him into a high stakes juggernaut? Watch FenderJaguar's poker world get turned upside down.


krantz never tell me the odds fenderjaguar $5/10 1000nl 1000 nl 4-tabling

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Comments for Never Tell Me the Odds: Episode Thirteen

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Time Link to 00:29:28

This idea alone made this vid worth watching. New series idea: "A Little Somethin' Somethin', with KRANTZ."

Oh, and the poker stuff was pretty cool too. Smile

Posted over 7 years ago

Soulless Face

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Time Link to 00:25:16

Why do you choose to fold ATos UTG, but raise KJs?

Both tables were 5-handed at the time, I would personally raise both 4bb, just wondering why you value KJs higher than ATos...

I have thought of a couple of reasons:

1 - You value your suited cards, for the extra outs and it also gives you reason to stay in the hand as long as the flop contain one of your suited cards so you have at least back door outs.

2 - You value them as suited one-gappers and you generally hit any broadways... Plus, unlike AT, you are much more likely to hit an OESD etc. to stay in the pot.

I dunno, maybe you didn't even realise, maybe I view it different because I play smaller stakes. But, that said, I think both hands have their merits, but really the strengths and weaknesses of both hands I think is around the same.

Posted over 6 years ago


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Lol I like at ~35:00 with the AQ hand how Fender says on the flop that the board is dry texture (Q97ss), then on the river he justifies checking because he thinks his opponent has a ton of missed draws....... conflicting logic ......... not to mention his opponent never has just a draw (90% pair+draw). I dont think he realized he was contradicting himself at different points in the hand which can be a big mistake in the future.

Posted about 6 years ago

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