Jay Rosenkrantz

Jay Rosenkrantz

My name is Jay Rosenkrantz, and I’m a former high stakes online poker pro, one of the founders of DeucesCracked, a film producer and writer. I’m a moderator of the high stakes No Limit strategy forum at TwoPlusTwo.com, was a cast member on the G4 poker television show 2 Months $2 Million, and am the co-creator of the animated poker comedy series The Micros. I also produced BET RAISE FOLD: The Story of Online Poker, a feature documentary about the Internet poker boom of the 2000s. My friends call me Jay or KRANTZ.

Before DeucesCracked, I started a private poker coaching website called 3-bet.net, a forerunner to today’s online poker training sites. With the help of my other co-founders here, we took our vision of an interactive poker training community and brought it to life in late 2007. My role here has been as both founder and creative director, overseeing the production, growth and direction of our content library. I’m a veteran poker coach and video producer, and have created more than 100 training videos and taught countless players how to improve their poker games. My most popular videos have been the pr1nnyraiding series with WiltOnTilt, considered by many to be must-watch content for the aspiring heads up no limit holdem player.

I’ve been a poker player for a long time. Rounders was an inspiration and I quickly graduated from cafeteria card games in junior high to sneaking into Atlantic City casinos to grind 5/10 limit holdem in my late teens. While I was studying film and television at Boston University I discovered online poker and twoplustwo.com, which is where I honed my skills discussing strategies with many of today’s greatest online players. After Black Friday effectively shut down online poker in the US, I remained in the country to pursue my passion for filmmaking and storytelling.

Current status: working on poker game, playing at WSOP, teaching small and mid stakes poker players.

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