I started playing poker my sophomore year at NYU. Over the course of the fall semester in a bi-weekly home game, I probably ended up winning 60 buy-ins at baby stakes. I was introduced to online poker by a friend and actually never made a deposit. I played some free ten-cent giveaways on GoldenPalace and eventually built up a bankroll. I went back and forth between limit and NL going close to broke a few times during the process until PartyPoker finally introduced 100bb buyin games at 2/4, 3/6, and 5/10. I started at 3/6 and never looked back. I currently play anywhere between 5/10-300/600 depending on my mood and the quality of the games.

whitelime (Emil Patel) is a DeucesCracked Executive Producer and currently is starring in the original G4 reality series, 2 Months 2 Million.

Q. Why make a series? A. I think one of the most important aspects of becoming an elite poker player is the psychology behind the game, especially when two good players butt heads. This series allows the viewer to get into two elite players' minds and figure out exactly what both of us were thinking when one of us gets owned.

Q. What is limablanca.com? A. limablanca.com is going to be my blog. For the most part, I'm going to be writing about random stuff. There will be a lot of baseball content there during baseball season. I'm going to try and incorporate some poker related stuff as well. You should check it out. I think I could be the best baseball GM there's ever been.

Q. In a world becoming more and more saturated with poker training sites, where does DeucesCracked stand? A. We have an incredible combination of great poker talent and teaching ability, and an amazing team of creatives that are constantly striving to innovate the industry. We're doing some things that have never been done before, and in highly polished fashion. And in that, we stand alone.




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