I am Delcrossb, and I like poker. I started playing poker in early 2009 playing microstakes and now I am playing a mix of mid stakes MTTs, PLO200, and mixed games as high as the 5/10 level, with a preference for the 10 game. I have no “main game” as I allow myself to just play whatever I find to be most enjoyable and intriguing at the time. I’ve essentially come up entirely on DC, and in the course of my 3000+ posts you can see me develop from a microdonk to the player I am today.

Since becoming a DC coach, I’ve coached well over 50 students. Some nice things people have said about me can be found here:

Lesnek Review

Worpler Review

KasinoKrime Review

I have worked extensively with players transitioning from other games to PLO. Given that I play all the games, I tend to have unique insights how to help people transfer the knowledge they have from one game to PLO. I have also taken several micro players and helped them move up through the stakes.

My first foray into video creation was Solid State PLO, and it is my hope that SSPLO has become the new standard for introductory series on DC. For an idea of my approach to PLO, I recommend viewing that.

Finally this is something one of my students said about me, dosxx is a winning HSLHE player and another coach at DC:

"I came to Delcrossb with only the most rudimentary knowledge of PLO. While he has a very deep and nuanced understanding of the game, he was able to explain his thought processes clearly and succinctly to a newcomer. As I advanced, I took more lessons from Delcrossb, where his complete knowledge of the game was apparent to me. He really knows his stuff and I'm confident I would be light years behind where I am today without his help. Delcrossb gets my full recommendation." - dosxx




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