My earliest poker memories involved 7 card stud and a bag of M&M's (which we used for chips) on a family vacation in a hotel whose pool was clearly not enough to subdue the gambler in me. From underage trips to Atlantic City to 3 big MTT wins in one week, the earlier years of my poker career are a less-than-graceful waltz of missteps and suckouts that I'm convinced everyone has gone through. I found 2+2 the same summer KRANTZ and I found out we were the only people in town and watched that Gatti-Mayweather fight (as KRANTZ showed me the finer points of stacking Party regulars). At the optimistic age of 23 I thank that site for what it did to me, and am convinced I won't be looking back any time soon. I'm currently a "mid-limit regular" when somebody isn't nagging me to do something else. I do love me some heads-up limit and balance it pretty well with play anywhere from 3 to 10 handed. Do I plan on playing the biggest game some day? Sure. But more than that, I strive to understand the game of poker on a higher level--something I work to accomplish each and every day. End cliché

danzasmack is a DeucesCracked Executive Producer. He was also the chief architect of our I HEART DUCKS campaign.

Q. Why beginner content? A. Well somebody has to do it, right? For as long as I've been good at poker, I've been tutoring in something. From statistics (which I aced) to International Business (which I never took), I've always enjoyed teaching. Eventually, those people stopped coming to me for scholastic advice and came to me for poker advice. I think I really have those first "Oh, I get it!" moments down, and figured that's what I could bring to the table. The fact that I actually enjoy this game, enjoy studying how people react (or don't react) to someone else's actions makes teaching both beginners and experts something I can see myself getting out of bed for.


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