Like many poker players, John started out playing NLHE cash games and tournaments with his friends during college at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Fascinated by the complexity and profit potential of the game, John bought every resource he could, and became a student of the game. He stuck to playing live cash games for a few months, but eventually decided to deposit some money online so he could grind stt’s to improve his tourney game.

Within months of learning and playing as many hands as possible, John suddenly found himself making frequent trips out to Vegas to take advantage of the juicy cash games. After he graduated college in December ‘07, he decided to move out to Vegas for a few months to pad his roll before he started graduate school.

After a couple months of constant playing in Vegas, his results started to diminish and for the first time, he felt completely burned out on poker. Shortly thereafter, a couple of friends he met in Vegas told him how soft the PLO games were online, and advised him to give it a try.

Utilizing the same studious approach for PLO as he did for NLHE, John watched videos, took notes, and read the forums religiously until it all began to click. Within four months, John rapidly moved through the stakes, jumping from 25PLO to 400PLO. Today, John enjoys playing PLO more than any other game, and thinks it’s going to be played more frequently on the internet in years to come.

John firmly believes that fulfilling your potential as a poker player is more about learning than it is about winning money. John specializes in teaching players how to quickly identify their leaks, and rely on their own confidence and self knowledge to improve their chances of winning. He also specializes in hand reading, identifying player tendencies, and moving up through the stakes.

John offers coaching packages for students as well.

“My coaching sessions with John have been great so far. When I first started playing PLO, there were many situations where I felt uncomfortable or confused because the majority of my poker knowledge comes from NLHE. Since I started doing coaching sessions with John, I’ve begun to make better decisions, and as a result, I’ve gone from a 200PLO loser, to a 200PLO winner in only a few sessions with him. If you’re looking for a coach to take you through the low stakes, John’s the one.“ ISPEWCHIPS - 5/10NLHE Regular




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