I am Andrew Seidman, and I've been going by the name "BalugaWhale" since 2006. Since that time, I worked my way up from micro stakes to mid stakes to high stakes in No-Limit Hold'em. Along the way, I've written numerous articles (including 'the so-called Baluga Theorem') and developed a presence across several poker forums. In 2007, I was a 5/10 regular and was approached by Krantz to work on a new site he'd started called, designed to make the coaching experience better. I had begun coaching prior to this, and accepted Jay's offer and we got to work. When turned into DeucesCracked, I began making videos, including the popular series' "The Coaching Tree" and "Coaching Kristy". In 2008 I was one of the top winners at 10/20 NLHE on Full Tilt. Despite a brutal downswing at 25/50 in 2009, I still maintain over 160k in winnings on PTR and high stakes winrates at 2bb+ over 240k hands. In March of 2009, I published the book "Easy Game: Making Sense of No-Limit Hold'em". It received almost entirely positive reviews. After taking a long break for extensive travel (I've now lived on every continent), I've recently returned to playing some MSNL on an undeclared site/screen name. My recent winnings can be found here.

I've been coaching poker for over four years. Throughout this time, I've coached over 100 students, many of whom have gone on to become successful players-- some even at high stakes. I've done sessions with high stakes all-star Ben Tollerene and WPT Venice winner Ragnar Astrom, among many others. My coaching sessions last for 1.5 hours and include two sections-- first, a content gathering section where I gather information about the student's game (this usually occurs via a live sweat, but for more advanced players video review or hand history review are preferable); secondly, a theory discussion in which we take notes from the first part and turn them into concrete theory that the student can implement into his or her game. My coaching can apply to people at all limits and all levels of skill. Some people get large coaching packages (I offer discounts) and others prefer to do one session every month or two as a check-up. Both options are available-- remember, I'm here for you!

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