November 01, 2013

New Project (Taking Six Students for all of 2014 for Profit Share Coaching Deal/Think Tank)

I'm considering a new project.

Any feedback you have is appreciated.

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January 18, 2013

Why High Stakes SNG's Suck

So I actually started off as a 9-man SNG player. Due to some absurdly good luck, I actually had one of the highest ROI's in 9-mans prior to Black Friday and fancied myself a professional SNG player (I sucked).

Over the years, I've dabbled in all forms of SNG's and have beaten every form of them at mid to high stakes ($30-200 with a $60 ABI). I am a small to medimum winner at 6-mans, 9-mans, Fifty50's, 18-mans, and 45-mans. I dabbled in all formats because I like the idea of the SNG.

SNG's are very attractive to smart poker players. Because they are very math-heavy and solvable, he who puts in the most hard work will reap the benefits and make a very good living. However, the smartest and best will set up a safety net in the form of Supernova Elite and stick to one or two games. Players who are established winners at a game can "ride out the variance" and collect their 6-figure paycheck at the end of the year. Unfortunately I don't have those luxuries. I'm not sure if I can make SNE and I'm not certain that I am +ev at the SNG's I play.

One of the things I don't understand about many SNG regulars is why they continue to willfully be so mediocre. I have the greatest respect for those who work hard at the game. I'm pretty much constantly e-fellating the best, or shouting them out in my videos. But for every regular who studies every spot cold, there are 2-3 willfully mediocre regulars that have a stagnant game. And to my frustration, I can't beat games full of them because they are good enough to hurt my expected ROI.

I've put a lot of hard work into every format of SNG. I'm not just sitting down cold and trying to poker brute force my way through everything. I don't think I'm anywhere near the best at any game, but I think I'm a solid 3%+ ROI player in most of them especially since I game select everything. Also, in general, I am better at poker than most of my SNG opponents. Based on my database review, I think I adjust better than 90% of SNG regulars I play with and study more than most of them. Yet here I am on a 4k downswing or something and I'm starting to feel like the variance in SNG's is worse than in MTT's.

In the SNG feedback threads, everyone talks about how high stakes are dead. I think I am living proof of that. Every day I sit in games with 2-3 weak players (fish), 3 marginal regulars, 2 top regulars, and me. Basically everyone who is ensured of hitting SNE can comfortably sit at that table and not worry too much about the result. In the long run, the rakeback will smooth it out. It always does.

Again, I don't have that luxury. I'm about to quit the SNE hunt and I'm certainly not ensured of it. So now when we talk about the rake being "unbeatable," it comes down to a lot of marginal regulars and me fighting it out with 10bb stacks. Yes, I can raise/fold better than some of them. Yes, I have my push ranges down cold. But when it comes down to it, when even the worst regular knows not to stack off at t20, it turns out there's not much edge to 7bb poker between experienced veterans.

So I become a slave to variance. Due to my mediocre abilities spread too thin, I am caged in the expectation nightmare of a 3% ROI High Stakes SNGer. If you run a variance simulation on even a 3% ROI player, the outcomes are very, very scary. Even worse, you can't really hit 5%+ ROI in a 9-man SNG filled with 7 good to mediocre to bad regulars splitting 2 fish. It's not possible.

On the other hand my expected MTT ROI is probably 40%+ even after mixing in turbos and big buy-ins. Having a much higher ROI in MTT's let's me ride out the variance much easier and downswing far less. That's just not possible in SNG's. To escape the SNG downswing oppression, I have to hit SNE 100%. I have no choice. Meanwhile every day I am punched in the stomach by results like this (at the bottom of the page).

People are going to see this and just tell me to stop crying. It's standard for SNGers plus they're not even my main game plus I probably don't study as much as regs plus plus plus. And it's probably all true. But I'm not really crying. I'm just explaining why being a high stakes SNG professional without SNE sucks and why high stakes SNG's are dead.

It's funny. I'm not competitive at all but I just don't like losing large sums of money. I tend to multiply the losses by weeks and then realize I am bankrupt. I.e I am down $8,000 in the past 2 days. Multiple that by a week and suddenly I'm busto. Which sucks.

Cliffs: Unless you are guaranteed to hit SNE, high stakes SNG's suck. I am strongly considering giving up the SNE hunt and just getting back to loving poker again. I can watch a lot of training videos, practice cash theory for my deepstack tournament play, and even learn a new game.

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December 04, 2012

Let's Close the Year Strong

First of all, shout out to all the grinders trying to make it big in December! I hope everyone pushing for SNE makes it as well.

- I've been slow to update this blog. The Macau trip was a total failure. I must have dropped about 10k+ including hotels and such. I didn't even really like the country or the food. Hong Kong was better but I didn't get to spend much time there compared to Macau.

- I'm still pushing for the Stars Yearly. Here are the current standings. 

User Uploaded Image

I really don't want to bubble the $5,000 Passport so I will probably play almost every day until the end of December.

Stats since November: SCHEDULED 11/01/2012-12/04/2012    1,331g   $41.53 ab   89.9% AV. ROI  $28,525 profits 

Since coming back, I've been crushing online. I haven't been running very good deep (biggest score: 9k), but I think my large edges just keep repeating themselves even though I'm not shipping big gold.

- The event that inspired me to get off my booty and write this blog entry is here:

It's an absurd recap of a $33 Quad final table. 5-handed, it took six hands for me to win the tournament. I've never seen anything like it and it feels quite delicious!

- I lost my Sharkscope Diamond Star which is unfortunate. Hopefully I can close with my gold star. I reviewed the accomplishment and it's actually absurd beyond belief. The accomplishment is best average profit over 100 games at $30 9-man SNG's. This leaderboard basically means we were profiting $17/game over 100 games at 9-man $30 SNG's! Ridiculous! Inconceivable!

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- I am working on freerolls for you guys. This will be the end of the month so feel free to post on this blog or in the 2+2 thread and I will think of some juicy prizes. I have saved all of the screenshots of my month to month results this year so that will come at the big end of year recap post.

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October 13, 2012

Thoughts on Poker Coaching

I'm writing this as a coach and video producer. 

I think the state of the game has led to a dangerous climate for aspiring poker professionals. I take my duties as a coach and video producer very seriously. I've only coached six students in 4 years (two of them are real life friends) and all of them were after getting to know the player as a person. I still Skype with all of my students frequently and feel genuine compassion toward them.

I'm not saying this to project a holier than thou attitude. But I want to contrast this with a lot of dirty behavior I see sprouting up. In general, I think a coach should charge very close to his hourly from playing. It's simply not fair to charge $400/hour when your expected hourly from playing is $50. You can justify a slight premium because coaching is very taxing and not very fun, but any huge gaps are very improper, in my opinion.

Due to the nature of NLHE, SNG's and Cash games are drying up. I truly think MTT's are the last bastion left for large winrates (that's a discussion for another day). In response to this, there are numerous coaches coming out of the woodwork who no longer beat the game. I'm not as familiar with cash game coaches (though I've read about each of the scandals and know the state of HSNL isn't great). But I am very, very familiar with tournament and SNG regulars at high buy-in levels.

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Many of the coaching listings on the 2+2 forums and other sites are predatory. I know the regulars and they're just not that good any more. I think deep within their heart of hearts, they know this. So they try to hit every avenue possible (producing videos for a training site, private coaching, and producing videos in conjunction with a site such as YourDoom or DailyVariance) to grab more money.

Unfortunately, students in search of good coaching are frequently unaware of this. In sports betting, there's a reason why most of the "free pick" sites are fradulent. If you really had a golden goose, would you need to sell it at $299? The idea is preposterous. Similarly, if you really beat hyper turbos, or heads up, or 6-max SNG's, or anything, for 6 figures a year, would you really have the time to coach 20 students? No. The very fact these coaches are promoting their services so heavily implies they find more +hourly from coaching than from playing. 

Even more disturbing, there is also an alarming trend of "poker entrepreneurs" who don't beat the games but are very skilled at marketing themselves. I was friendly with a published author,Tony Guerrera, who showed me a good example of how to act. Tony never pretended to be a high stakes MTT crusher and acknowledged some of his limitations when working with me. Even then, his work on the math side was extremely useful. I'm sure there are numerous examples of analysts such as this who can justify their hourly coaching rate or book deal.

For every Tony Guerrera, there are 20 charlatans. There are a number of famous authors who have refused to release their results. There seems to be an e-book released every few weeks by a scummy low-stakes author entitled "Crushing X Game" or "Smash the Regulars." Considering the authors play a $10 ABI, these titles are absurd and fradulent. I've read many of the arguments on the 2+2 forums about the merits of their books and all that. I agree the content can be useful. But I think the title is predatory and of an infomercial-like nature. As poker players, you never really want to be compared to an infomercial or MLM. Unless your goal is to book a quick buck.

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I'd like to give out some good advice to players in search of coaching:

1) Coaching is kind of the final frontier. You should only hire a coach to take the next level once the steps below don't work. The first step, for basic players, would be to read the best books on the game you are trying to play. Books are very good for imparting basics in a smooth progression (otherwise they wouldn't be published).

2. Once you get more advanced, you should subscribe to training sites and develop a very sound theory-base. There are many sites out there that provide very high quality videos. In general, you shouldn't subscribe to a site to watch every video. You should target the best players in the game and try to learn from their thought processes. Thankfully, for MTT's and SNG's, there are good pros working for almost every site. Incidentally, DeucesCracked is, in my biased opinion, the best site by far due to no DRM (so you can speed up the videos), no sign up fee, and one of the best rosters.

3. Only when you have learned a lot from videos, and still don't understand concepts, should you turn to a coach. You should only seek coaches who aren't throwing themselves at you. In general, the more exposure a coach has, the more his hourly from playing has dropped. Coaching is very variance-free income so a lot of mediocre players become attracted to it.

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So I have some personal updates.

- I moved to 49th in the PocketFives Rankings, meaning I've cracked the top 50 for the first time! Next goal is top 20.

- I'm submitting a sample article to 2+2 Magazine for November. I've always been a big fan of the magazine. I'd like to write about topics relevant to SNG's and MTT's.

- I'm heading to the Asian Poker Championship, run by Pokerstars, in November. I'll be playing the Warmup ($3250 USD buy-in) and the $13000 Main-Event.

Last week's blog had 560 views. This week I'm going to give a 1% sweat in the APOC Warmup for every 1000 views this entry can scrounge up. This % will be rounded so 1560 views= 1.56%. Simply comment on this blog with either your thoughts on poker coaching (am I being too harsh) or a suggestion for an article you'd like to see.

September Results: (Haven't figured out a way to set up a global alias and I only play Sundays on non-Stars sites now):

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September 27, 2012

What a Weekend!

I am very happy right now. Last week I missed winning the weekly TLB by 200 points. I knew the WCOOP Main weekend is one of the biggest in all of poker so I wanted to make up for it this weekend. Told my girl to fly over from Japan to put me in the right state of mind.

- This Sunday and Monday, I made a deep run in the WCOOP $5200 Main Event, eventually finishing in 30th place for $28,200. (A lot of my friends messaged me on Skype with encouragement. It warmed my heart, thank you.)

- I also finished 3rd in the Sunday Big $162 for $28,000, 9th in the Sunday $55 Rebuy, 17th in the Sunday $162 6 max, 37th in the Sunday 500, and chopped the 109 2x with TheLipoFund. This makes it by far my most profitable day of the year and I jumped from 115 to 54 in the PocketFives rankings!

- I'm also sitting at 13th on the Yearly TLB. 10th place (well within reach) is getting 10k so I'm going to be grinding very hard to try to make the top 5.

- My student (mathiace) had a very nice +4k day and I think even more results will be coming his way. We are almost done with our sessions and I am glad he has picked up most of the things we discussed.

- Perhaps most importantly, I have no idea how but I managed to luckbox a diamond star on Sharkscope. I wanted one very bad for a long time but it's pretty much impossible for an MTT pro to win one.

Apparently, my Diamond Star is for a very esoteric, borderline absurd stat. "Best 100 (Game) Streak, Average Profit, $16-35 9-Man SNG's." Does it get more obscure than that?! I really do hope nobody goes on a heater in those games and takes my star away. Don't think I'll ever get another one without hundreds of hours of effort :(

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My confidence is very high and my bank accounts are very healthy. So now I've decided I want to start giving back more to the community. I actually started a blog for Yu-Gi-Oh! called It was actually popular and got a lot of traffic but the domain expired and I didn't renew it.

I want to start blogging more and writing about poker. I think I can do a good job of explaining strategy concepts so I'll get in touch with the 2+2 magazine as well. Pessagno (new Pokerstars Team Online) has really inspired me. My goal is to one day sign with Stars as Team Online and represent South Korea.

I'm going to continue blogging on DeucesCracked for now, but I might move to blogspot or perhaps renew my domain (it costs a lot because the domain expired) or buy a new one. It was really hard making the website last time though and I don't want to put all that time in again.

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But I will need your help turning my blog into a popular tournament player's resource/hotspot! 

So on to the bribing.

To build a sense of warm bonhomie with readers, I'm going to find a way in each blog entry to give away a % sweat of a random event.

A lot of my favorite Goal Writers are already doing this. But they give out boring stuff like $20 or $50. I think sweats are much sexier and I'm not going to cap how much I pay out.

The inaugural sweat will be the upcoming 100k VIP Monthly Freeroll. I think I'll give out 1% for each unique person's comment to a random winner. There might be 2 winners. Who knows what will happen!

Later when the blog starts getting more views, I'll up the percentages and switch up the tournaments you get a piece of!

Also, feel free to ask any questions you have about tournaments here or on the blog. Not going to answer every strategy question but I'll do my best to help those (especially people grinding low stakes). I think you midstakers are good enough already :P

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September 06, 2012

A Litany of Topics!

So this post will be kind of scattered because there's a lot of topics to discuss.

- I had a decent Sunday. I haven't played many tournaments this week because I have an Ongame $500 bonus that is about to expire that I have to clear by the 13th :P (I'm kind of nitty about free money I guess). I was about $3k in the hole and managed to get 5th in the Lock 110k. Did a really good job of laddering at a crazy table so I'm happy with my performance.

- I took a new student that PMed me. I've actually only coached four people in my life and I take each new student seriously because I don't have much free time these days (my other mistress is Diablo). I try to make friends with each student and I'm still in touch with most of them. His name is Mathiace so hopefully we'll see some big improvements (he's already a winning low-midstakes player).

- The experiment with following my gut hasn't really worked out. I've realized my gut is right about 70% of the time but it's nowhere near Spider-Sense accuracy or anything like that. I think it was selective remembering so bleh. I will keep following my gut though and honing it.

- I'm currently watching almost every video on BlueFirePoker. Maybe I will start reviewing training sites. I have toured TPE, BFP, Leggo, CardRunners, DC, SNGGrinders, PokerVT, and a few others. Each site has at least one really good pro to learn from and the monthly fees aren't too bad. I still haven't ever checked out PokerXFactor. Maybe I should try it someday.

- I'm selling a few WCOOP packages. One to the [URL=""]2k/1.5m guaranteed[/URL] and the other the WCOOP Main Event. I am game selecting so I think my markups are very fair. Although I'm clearly biased for myself.

- I'm trying to organize a fun crossbook for midstakes MTTers: [url][/url]

 We pick an event every few days, deepest finish wins 80% of the pot of $10 from each participant. Second gets 20%. There are final table and win bonuses as well. Most MTTers are lazy but I'm sure this seems like a fun idea for a lot of people. So sign up if you're interested I guess. 

- Lastly, I'm a pretty big fan of music so I guess I'll share my warmup routine. When I first start my session, I always play the same five songs before starting the shuffle. [B]Hopefully some of you can share your favorite songs with me[/B] (I don't really like metal or any hard stuff or dubstep). They are:

Tonight (Ad Brown, Mango, Kerry Leva)- This song is off In Search of Sunrise 9 (I like the mix version more than the original). It's pretty much the best song ever. It always relaxes me a lot too. Would highly recommend for a grind session!


Craters of the Moon (Alex O'Rion)- Again off the same CD. This one is also super relaxing. The melody always cheers me up when I lose some huge equity spot.


Rockin that **** (The Dream)- The Dream is seriously underrated. He isn't really known as an artist but he has produced a ton of hits. This song also cheers me up and puts me in a good mood (I guess there's a theme to this warmup mix).


L.E.S. Artistes (Santogold)- Once I'm cheered up sufficiently, I listen to this song that always pumps me. Pretty hipstery but whatever I still like it :P


Touch Me (Tiesto Mix)- Again this song is one of the illest of all time. I really like good trance melodies with a pretty female voice for some reason. It puts me in the zone when I'm grinding long sessions.


Ok so that's all for this post I guess. I'll close with my August graph. Shows (non-rb) stats for MTT's and SNG's, then all games combined with 40% Rakeback.


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August 28, 2012

Gut Feelings and Isildur1

So most of what inspired me to put more effort into writing was Phil Galfond's blog. Sorry to sound like such a fanboy but I really do think it's amazing that someone whose hourly is probably in the 10k+ range takes the time to convey a very nice, down to earth image and helps others with the game.

So in this blog, he had two separate entries that inspired me. The first was a [URL=""]section where he answered reader questions[/URL], talked about site deals, and gave free advice. It made me realize a few things:

1) I have a lot of work to do to reach that stature

2) If I can reach that level (not Galfond's of course since I don't play cash, but up there for a tournament player), I have a few skills that can open a lot of doors for me.

3) I majored in English at a very good university and I think I'm very fast at learning concepts and explaining them to others.

The second, and more important entry, inspired me to change this thread. It's his recent post in Isildur1, which you should read [URL=""]here[/URL]. I remember rooting against Isildur when he was crushing all the pros since he just scared the shit out of me. I actually remember railing him playing Antonius/Ivey that one day he lost a bunch (and I rarely rail poker since it bores me) and hoping he lost.

Since then I've obviously become a huge fan since Isildur is pretty amazing. The most eye-opening part about the article is where Galfond mentions that Isildur always insta-decides his poker actions because he wants to always go with the gut feeling. I think this is probably very highly correlated with how good he has become (and how good he is naturally) at poker.

I have a lot (really a lot) of situations lately at tournaments where I just get this weird gut feeling and either follow it or ignore it. It's just absurd how accurate these gut feelings are considering I'm usually stacking 18 tables and clicking online buttons. But the read I get is usually deathly accurate and I kick myself a lot when I ignore it. It's hard to explain the feeling but I'm sure a lot of you get it.

I think the gut feeling is the essence of strong poker. As you get better, your gut gets better. And if you want to get better fast, you should always follow your gut. There are so many times in tournaments where my gut just SCREAMS something to me and I ignore it.

From now on, to make sure this isn't just selection bias, I'm going to write down every hand where I had a gut feeling and what the result ended up being. I'm also going to force myself to instantly act on these gut feelings (I had already been verbalizing them) like Isildur.

I think you guys should do the same and I think it will make you a much better player as you hone your inner mind and it gets sharper.

Sunday Results:

I'm having very frustrating Sundays. Last week was an all-time teaser and this week was pretty bad as well. I actually got third in the Battle of the Planets Triple Shootout. It's funny because the first two tables are a huge mix of regulars and random fish, and both random heads up opponents berated me when I won.

I got 5th in the $55 6 max 20k turbo. I lost a huge flip with AK to QQ and then had to basically play a TAG short stack game until the end. I busted a pretty absurd hand.

I got 18th in the Supersonic and 5th in the $215 Turbo on 888. It's very top heavy and I made a very standard call for 10bb with A8 vs a 9.5bb button shove. I lost to Q9s but had a really good shot at the 12k up top. Also made a deep run in the Million, busting 235th (I think my best finish ever).

My most frustrating run was when one tabling the $109 100k on Merge. This field is ridiculously soft and I was just completely crushing my table. I was up to 830k with 27 left, about 40bb and in first place. A lot of times I lose track of the fact that 800k is a final table stack (FT average was around that much). I lost a huge 3-way all in pot vs A7o (shortie) and AQs (had 660k) and was crippled.

I ended up final tabling bubbling that tournament after going insanely card dead. Add that to the list I guess. I think I have an inordinate amount of 10th-12th places this year in big tournaments.

A Cool Hand, Bro: 

So here is my bustout hand in the $55 Turbo. It was 5k for 1st and 1.4k for 5th. I think this is a really good spot to shove since everyone left is an aggro regular and there are large ICM effects to 2 of the 3 players (they have to call really tightly here).

The drooler who was 3xing and playing 60/27 ended up calling A8s which has about 50% equity against my range but has to be pretty thin considering ICM and the fact my actual shoving range could be much nittier (giving him worse equity). I think his call is fine I guess (maybe A9s+/AT), but losing this pot would put him in a really bad spot compared to what he has now (big chip lead with 4 other equal stacks). Doubt he/she is thinking about these things though.

I think KTs is a really standard shove here though and very +ev. Would do again.

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August 28, 2012


So this blog kind of sucks. Let's be honest. It has basically devolved into me posting a bunch of tournament results with no spice added.

The main reason I started working for DeucesCracked is my desire to help people and possibly open other avenues in poker. I would really like to become an author someday or even sign with a site. Those who know me from Yu-Gi-Oh (serious business) know that I wrote a lot of strategy articles with no real financial gain. I think part of it is definitely selfish, the rush of having influence and being able to help people. As long as the net of helping people is positive though, I don't mind so much. One thing I've noticed about my personality is when people put more faith in me or demonstrate I have a high value to them, I work harder to make sure I don't let them down.

Going forward I think I'm going to retool this strategy thread and turn it into more of a blog style. I'm not expecting to update it daily but each post will be more quality and should help a lot of tournament players who are reading this. Truthfully, I have scaled back a lot of my strategy posts and have stopped making videos because I don't want players to see what I'm doing. I have really great results in the past six months and it's because I've taken the time to watch a lot of videos, run a lot of equity calculations, and continue growing as a poker player. I didn't really want to share all of this at instant access for obvious reasons.

After watching Phil Galfond's videos (he is someone I really admire and would like to emulate in many respects), I think I can do a lot better at integrating some useful strategy without exposing the whole frank n'beans at once. I've been really lazy for way too long so I'm going to try to start turning this thread and blog into something respectable that people actually find value in.

When I was starting to transition into tournaments, I remember voraciously reading everything Bond18 and nath wrote on tworags. It was such a beautiful thing back in the day, when great players continued sharing strategy for free. 2+2 really is a great commmunity and I want to do my part to keep it going before the trolls and NVGtards take over.

My blog posts are going to be something like this from now on.

An interesting concept I was thinking about
Something of general use to tournament players
An Interesting hand

Recent Results 

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March 05, 2012

Sunday Update

So today I had a slightly winning day I think but very frustrating overall. I think I had the most tilting hour ever. 

In this magic hour, I lost heads up in a $88 on iPoker where I had a 10:1 chip lead. Lost about 4 flips headsup. Also finished 6th in a $75 turbo with QK<Q6s where I turned the straight and lost to a flush 

I had 50+ bb in the 20c, Sunday Million, and 33R and didn't cash any of them. Lost with an OESD to a weak top pair in the 20c about 8 players off the money. Lost TT<K9 where some drooler decided to limp/shove like 30bb blind vs blind. Then shoved the button with 89s and lost to AJ. In the 33R, lost JJ<AK in a huge pot then A9<AK bvb to bubble.

Then I bubbled yet another $530 satellite to a 3k APPT Seoul package. I've stone bubbled 3 of them, including losing heads up in a winner take all one. Poker sometimes sucks.

I'm just gathering these together though because it's kind of funny how it all happened in an hour. I don't really mind so much and it doesn't really bother me. I'm just trying to play my best poker (I'm still making very frequent deep runs) and the rest will pan out.

I am killing SNG's in preparation for a possible SNE push. But I just love tournaments too much to give them up!

Within striking range of my goals. My P5 ranking is like 350ish and my Pokerstars ranking is 200. The Stars yearly TLB will normalize though; I think most of the list atm is dominated by people who have been winning 180's but not sure.

I want to post two thoughts about fish that should really help your game.

1. Fish really, really love suited cards. Basically anytime the flush comes in, the majority of their range is going to be a flush because they like to see the flop and call any flop bet with any combination of two suited (which is pretty much infinite). So you can just safely check/fold everytime a flush comes vs a fish and not lose much.

Which makes my triple barrel here really bad (we were near the money and the runout was really good for it).

Ongame Network GSOP Event 9 $400,000 Hold’em Deepstack No Limit Hold'em Tournament - t200/t400 Blinds + t40 - 10 players - View hand 1667304
DeucesCracked Poker Videos Hand History Converter

BTN: t7561 M = 7.56
SB: t13711 M = 13.71
BB: t9078 M = 9.08
UTG: t7722 M = 7.72
UTG+1: t20731 M = 20.73
UTG+2: t7059 M = 7.06
MP1: t15400 M = 15.40
MP2: t7468 M = 7.47
Hero (MP3): t13202 M = 13.20
CO: t6735 M = 6.74

Pre Flop: (t1000) Hero is MP3 with T  Q 
5 foldsHero raises to t8002 folds, SB calls t600, 1 fold

Flop: (t2400) J  7  4  (2 players)
SB checks, Hero bets t1175, SB calls t1175

Turn: (t4750) A  (2 players)
SB checks, Hero bets t2575, SB calls t2575

River: (t9900) 4  (2 players)
SB checks, Hero bets t5575, SB calls t5575

Final Pot: t21050
SB shows 9  K  (FLUSH ACE)
Hero shows T  Q  (PAIR FOUR)
SB wins t21050

2. It's just way better to take flops versus fish where the top of their range they are repping is the stone nuts. I was 3-tabling at this time so I made a huge mental lapse really deep in the 11R. I know a lot of people will just think it's a cooler but I don't want to be yet another mediocre midstakes reg. My edge should come from being like Phil Helmuth and recognizing these spots and passing on them.

This fish snap 3b's me to the minimum. At this point I should always flat with position because the top of the range he is repping (retarded fish always do this with AA) kills AK. But I decide to 4b/c because that's what I always do in high stakes tournaments vs good players. Well this isn't a good player and he clearly has the nuts. He near min 5b's and I should just fold. But I'm tired after playing 12 straight hours and 3-tabling so I punt 50bb in the softest tournament of the day.

It's funny how these drooling idiots keep min 3-betting the same range and I keep giving them chips. These days I flat my entire range except KK but this time I got caught slipping. It won't happen again.

Poker Stars $10+$1 No Limit Hold'em Tournament - t6000/t12000 Blinds + t2000 - 8 players - View hand 1667305
DeucesCracked Poker Videos Hand History Converter

CO: t141953 M = 4.18
BTN: t86593 M = 2.55
SB: t254702 M = 7.49
BB: t507227 M = 14.92
UTG: t713864 M = 21.00
UTG+1: t299372 M = 8.81
MP1: t181916 M = 5.35
Hero (MP2): t606577 M = 17.84

Pre Flop: (t34000) Hero is MP2 with K  A 
3 foldsHero raises to t240003 foldsBB raises to t48000Hero raises to t119999BB raises to t228000Hero raises to t604577 all in, BB calls t277227 all in 


350+ TLB Scores: 9/100

8/2823 $16.50 Turbo for 410.13
1/500 $8 Turbo for 428.53
2/269 $109 Turbo for 348.05
1/385 $16.50 8-max for 428.39
1/5794 $2.70 Turbo for 1095.60
1/631 $44 Turbo for 654.31
1/1636 $8C for 775.16
3/1520 $5 Hyper for 387.20
3/1310 $33 for 518.39

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January 21, 2012

A Few Scores to add to the Collection!

Had a pretty good week! Got my first 4-figure TLB score by winning a $2.70 turbo with 5794 entrants. Also chopped a 109 turbo (but got 2nd ) for about 350 TLB or something and won a $16.50 8-max. Got a 2nd place in a Ongame 55 Turbo and I've been going deep in a lot of stuff (21 in to the big 5.50, 36th in the big 55, and more!)

I've been winning a lot of 180's and hoping to turn that graph positive as well. I've been absolutely killing the 45's and currently have a Gold Star that I hope to maintain. Life is pretty good right now, not much to complain about.

350+ TLB Scores: 5/100

8/2823 $16.50 Turbo for 410.13
1/500 $8 Turbo for 428.53
2/269 $109 Turbo for 348.05
1/385 $16.50 8-max for 428.39
1/5794 $2.70 Turbo for 1095.60 

I'm still mixing 18's, 45's, and 180's. I've calculated all of my $/game and have also started adding in $15/45 man's as well. My 45 man stats are a very sustainable:

UsernameGames PlayedAv. ProfitAv. StakeAv. ROITotal ProfitFormAbility /100NetworkFilter



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106$16  $24  67%$1,668  


N/APokerStars1/1/2012 1/22/2012 E45-45


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