April 05, 2011

God damn it!

I totally wrote a completely random post of awesomeness and when I push Post it tells me that the server isn't responding??  No way I am retyping that!  So, I'll summarize....

1.  I want my life to be better.  I actually really don't like my life or where I'm at.  I've been trying to deal with it for a while, but overall, I'm often pretty depressed.  But I did get over the lack of motivation yesterday.  The thing is, no one can change things but me.  I need to get in shape, be healthier, develop better relationships, put more passion into what I do.  It's on me to do it.

2.  Butler sucked.  The game itself kinda sucked.  22-19 at halftime?  That's like a women's JV score.

3.  I forget point three, but there was one.  I'm sure it was rad.

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