February 21, 2015

2nd Week of feb

12th Feb

Overall play seemed ok am still making a few little mistakes like calling down light,raising with poor hands in EP etc. was value betting well and c-betting great made a decent lay down was unlucky that had the same hand (AK) but given the history with player that it was the bottom of his range.

overall Play B

13th Feb

Played ok, made a few bluffs as I thought player was weak,just didn't bet enough or maybe should not bluff as player has a habit of calling down TP a lot

Was value betting a lot very well so ran my stack up very well as I had a great run of cards I think I should of left at 2am when i planned too and not stick around as I was getting tired, which is a big problem that I have . I need to have the guts just to get up and leave and not fell guilty

overall play at time A other times C- so overall B/B+

14th Feb

started the night so well got a few good hands and ran my stack up well, then things started to go wrong trying to outplay a drunk women and paying her off with Air. there are a number of things that I did wrong such as

Bluffing too much- people where playing way too loose and calling down super light, I should of taken notice of this and not get frustrated and start firing of bullets with air.
C betting was too much- as above should be value betting don't be afraid to give up now and then

Raising with average card in wrong position - these are the types of things that are holding me back from being a decent player, going back into my old style of play. the added effect of the other problems just compounded the errors and was costing me dearly in the end

Calling small preflop raising with average cards- even thought I might be getting a good price I have to learnt just to fold and move on and wait and be patience. getting roped into a hand that I didn't really want to play in the first place was costing me bad ( J8-Q9 kinda hands $15 pre, 20-30 once i hit a flop with a pair or draw, calling the turn for 30-50 then having to fold river or worst paying 50-60 cause I am getting a decent price and I might just be good ends up costing me 60-100+ when I should just Fold cause of poor position)

Being way too aggressive- just bombing the flops,c-betting way too much people are going to start to call down lighter because they are just not going to believe me that I have something, no problems IF i have a hand but with little too no equity just wasting money.

mental game just went out the window, I didn't have my alarms set so was not taking breaks to re-evaluate my game, play was just overall poor and was real disappointing in my play, after I did well the last few session to improve my self I think this was a great wake up call about what I had really learnt over the last few weeks.

Overall I would put the play at E+/D- 

had a great start and maybe I should of left early when up but the game was great too play just played it poorly and then tilted.

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sethslayer posted on January 01, 2018 at 23:51 PM


I admire what you have done here. I like the part where you say you are doing this to give back but I would assume by all the comments that this is working for you as well.

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hamilton22 posted on January 28, 2018 at 18:45 PM


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