February 02, 2010

Run aground and Vegas-bound

After a couple sour weeks and an overall disappointing month at the virtual tables, I’m looking forward to leaving my computer behind and playing on some real felt with actual cards for ten days in Vegas with the rest of the TEAM MOSHMAN crew (I do some coaching work for Collin’s staking empire and thus am a full-fledged member of his posse).

Well, not “with” them per se, because to be frank, this trip isn’t really about palling around for me. After a few cursory drinks and pleasantries, I’m pretty much going to have my face buried in cards the whole time. I’ll be playing some low buyin MTTs, the $100-$200 variety from which I made a partial living when I lived here in 2006-2007. I played several hundred of this kind of tournament that year, often two a day, and while I was nowhere near as proficient a tournament thinker as I am now, I managed to grind out a 125% ROI for the year. That’s not bad scratch as it is, and who knows what kind of damage I could do with what I know now.

Even though I’m planning playing 2-3 MTTs a day (depending on how deep I go in them), 20-25 MTTs is a pretty tiny sample and it’s possible I could totally tank it in the turd bowl. But that’s tournament poker. Longest I went without cashing back in the day was 11 tournaments, but then I went on a tear, banking high finish after high finish and it was as if that 11 days never happened. Let’s hope I don’t break my own record.

Also, if the stars align, I might get to satellite into some of the Venetian Deep Stack events that are going on this month. I feel a need to get a little bit of revenge on them as I was run out of the few that I played (in the V’s inaugural series) really quickly on the typical ridiculous BS that sends you muttering walking down Las Vegas Blvd. looking for something to do with the rest of your day when you planned on spending it stacking other people’s chips.

My flight leaves in 4.5 hours and I’m strategically loading up my iPod with content to accompany me on the trip. Highest priority is to fit Tommy Angelo’s “Eightfold Path to Poker Enlightment” series in my limited disk space. Thank bejeebus DC has no DRM. Makes it easy to get files where and how you want them. Then I’ll make sure I load up on podcasts and radio shows (Adam Carolla, a bunch of NPR stuff, and the “History of Howard Stern” specials), audiobooks (probably Jared Diamond’s Collapse and other things along those lines), music (undecided what to bring here), and maybe some more poker vids that I never really have had time to watch.

Above all, whether I run goot or bad, I’m looking forward to 10 days not looking at that soul-sapping computer screen.

Here’s hoping I run goooot in Vegasaments!

P.S. I’m going to try and twit, tweet, and twat my progress. Follow “vandweller” for the hot details of my days.

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Dbiza posted on February 04, 2010 at 05:19 AM


Good Luck! I hope to run good at WSOP 2010.

spappu posted on February 17, 2010 at 07:15 AM


I was gonna say good luck but I guess it's already done. how'd it go? ps this is my first post and just wanted to say im a big van fan! thanks for the great videos etc

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