September 23, 2010

Hellmuth rapping to save my bad blog post

Okay, usually threadsavers  should be posted at the end but so the ones who came here just for that:

Funniest thing I've seen this week! Terrible...

Anyway, I haven't blogged in a while and since I'm way too tired to play today I might as well write something. School and trying to get some bonuses have been keeping me up extra long. I've probably slept aroun 11-12 hours total this week. I'm used to 6hrs of sleep a night but ~4 is fucked up. I only have to last through tomorrow and play around 70 games before I can get a nice long sleep. Bonuses are such a great way to keep you motivated. I should make a goal every week/month that if I play x number of SNG-s I'll get myself something I usually wouldn't.

Goals I want to achieve in near future:

*change a few stats on my HUD. I know it's easy but I always remember it after I start playing and I somehow have managed to avoid doing that after my sessions.


*eat. My appetite has disappeared because of sleep deprivation =(. That's terrible since I'm already skinny as a stray dog floating across the Atlantic ocean(I dunno).

*work on my game during the weekend and possibly put some time in playing and studying stud variations.

Poker wise I've been doing pretty good but have been losing a lot of flips lately. meh.

Time for sleep!!! Woohoo! Right after I finish studying...

Good luck and have hellmuth!

EDIT: Just found out that I have 3 tests tomorrow+something to retell. Never mind the going to sleep part. At least I have 1/6 of a energy drink.

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