November 15, 2010

Livin' lovin', lovin' livin', it's all good

Poker Stuff

As stated in my previous post, I'm really excited for this season.  DJ and I worked hard on bringing an exciting, well-rounded schedule to the DC populous.  My biggest problem with the lineup is there are too many series I want to watch!  Putting in hands online is already tough enough without all of this great content getting in my way.

I've really been trying to get back into playing more online lately, but I just can't seem to convince myself to do so.  I guess when live poker is going well, you kinda want to stick with it :)  Because I know that I have to play A LOT to expect anything close to my EV (thanks Tolerance....), it makes me reluctant to play at all.  I played a short 25 min session on Saturday night where I said "if I make $50, I'll go get Call of Duty."  I stacked a fish and also stacked a reg and finished up $158 and immediately quit.  Since I don't play much online any more, I get really anxious about losing for some reason.  And then I didn't even get COD lol.  Maybe I will later, but I don't know.  Every time I think about playing video games I feel guilty and say "I should be using that time for poker."  My buddy just let me borrow Uncharted 1 & 2 so maybe I'll check those out before getting COD.

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On the hand vs the reg, everyone limped and I was in the SB w/ 95o.  Normally I'd just go ahead and muck, regardless of pot odds, but I completed (which is probably the right play anyway).  BB checked.  Flop 954tt.  I lead out for pot.  Reg in BB who has been playing pretty tight raises.  Everyone folds.  I thought "well, this guy is pretty tight, but it's really only 44 or a big draw since I have a 9 and a 5.  I can't really get away since I've only been playing with him for a short time."  So I 3b, he shoved, and I called.  He had 78s for the fd and gutter and I held.

It's weird how even though my bankroll would barely be affected in either direction, the outcome of that hand was so dramatic in my mind since I don't play much.  That's when you know you shouldn't be playing and how tilt ensues.  Definitely have to work on that if I decide to play more online, but like I said, I can't seem to find the motivation lately.

On the live front, I recently made a deep run in a live tourney at Delaware Park.  I was the chip leader for a while at the end and was still CL once we reached the final table.  With the wonderful late game structure, there were 9 min left in the level and I had 14BBs as the CL lol.  On one of the first few hands, I got it all in w/ QQ vs the 2nd place stack's AK and the board ran out QTxJx and I was out soon after.  I was really pleased with how I played and it was unfortunate that I couldn't keep the rungood going, but it was a lot of fun being the CL and making it to the final table.  I got my start playing MTTs and it's been a while since I played one so it felt good to do well :)

Life Stuff

Is it just me or does the iPad just look so damn cool and enticing?  I honestly can't tell you how much I'd use it, but those commercials make me want one so badly!  Not enough to drop half a k on it, especially since I'd def want the 3G and would thus be stuck paying $15/month, but it's still so damn enticing.  FU Apple.  Actually, I just remember that Verizon has some sort of deal w/ the iPad now so I'd likely use their MiFi thing if I got one, but whatever.  I don't need one.  Must....resist....temptation.

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Oh, another toy that I think I want and don't need are the new Bose QC15 headphones.  I've never had a nice pair of headphones and I tested them out recently.  They were pretty amazing, especially with the noise-cancelling feature.  I'd imagine plane rides would be far better with a pair of those.  I'd also imagine I could cancel out the bad beat stories I have to endure at the live tables.  Those might have to be on the xmas list.

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In less materialistic news, I recently joined a rock climbing gym.  PygmyHero and Lysistrata introduced climbing to my girlfriend and me a few months ago and we've slowly become addicted to it.  It really is a lot of fun and you accidentally get a great workout while doing it!  I recently onsighted my first 5.8, if you know what that means.  My biggest frustration right now is my lack of long-term stamina so after a few tough climbs, my body is done even though I want to keep going!  It's good stuff though.  It's definitely on the expensive side, but I've never been a fan of working out and I've finally found something that helps in that area while still being fun.  It also entices me to do other workouts just so I can get better at climbing!  Also trying to eat just a tiny bit healthier, but just a tiny bit.

 Tangent - I wonder if I could set up a website designed strictly to listen to people's bad beat stories and fantasy football woes.  Let's face it - no one cares about how you lost a flip and no one cares about how you need Johnny U to throw 2 TDs in the Monday night game.  (I do need Vick, Desean, and the Eagles D to get me 30, a manageable feat by far, to beat my gf though since Mike Wallace put up 30 last night.)  See!  You didn't care at all about that last statement did you?  Methinks people would pay a monthly fee just to bitch about poker, FF, and whatever else is really important to them, but not at all important to anyone else.

Since it's almost that time of year, I'll leave you all with my new (as of last year) favorite holiday song.


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eminemead posted on November 16, 2010 at 01:36 AM


Man,I have an iPad and that's how I watch videos and forums at work.I'm a frequent I guess it works for me a lot. No And I want that Bose qc15!!!!!

caperbii posted on November 16, 2010 at 17:08 PM


The iPad looks sweet, but as an iPhone user I can't justify the cost for a bigger screen - It would be so sick for DC videos tho!

TecmoSuperBowl posted on November 16, 2010 at 17:16 PM


I really can't justify getting an iPad either, but I am jealous of eminemead and others who watch DC vids on them!

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