May 26, 2009

Preppin for WSOP

Ok, so I haven’t written about poker in a good while. Felt it somewhat necessary to do so since that is kind of the basis for this whole thing. I played 12k hands of 100NL in the month of April 2009. My goal was 10k so I was happy to have exeeded that number. I was also very happy with my results, not only monetarily – but my growth as a player too. May was planned to be and has been a month of rest/learning/getting ready for Vegas. I’m heading out there on June 3rd and coming back on the 8th. More on that later. Playing 12k hands in addition to having a full-time job, a girlfriend, playing on a football team, and looking for a house is quite draining. I’m really enjoying my month of rest. The plan was also to play a good bit of tournies since the plan was to play a bunch while in Vegas, as I did last year. That plan seems to have changed tho.

Before DeucesCracked, I hated cash games and loved tournies. 6 months and lots of hard work later – I love cash games and am beginning to tire of tournies. The variance is just way too high and every time I make it deep in a tourney and cash for like 2x my buy-in, I just think of all the money I could have made playing cash for 5 hours instead of this stupid tourney. Now of course this could all be due to running poorly in my recent live and online tournies, but I don’t know. I may play in a couple tournies in Vegas, but my main focus has turned to cash games. I’m excited to test my skillz out there as I’ve heard the games are supersoft. I’ll be playing 1/2 mostly, but depending on how well I run, I may take some shots at 2/5.

Speaking of live cash, we have a monthly 1/2 home game near me that I try to attend every time. The games there are also super soft and my edge is pretty big. There’s a couple good players here and there, but it’s mostly fish. And one of the best players always deals. This is going to sound a bit arrogant, but it’s like I’m Patrik sitting with Guy, Guy’s mom, and Guy’s golden retriever, and Durrrr is dealing. I’ve had a good bit of success in the past, but I’m coming off my best performance so far. I definitely had the cards falling my way most of the night, but I also played them well. The only bad spot I got in was turning a set against a turned straight. We got it in and I lost a big pot there, but still finished up a good amount when the night was done.

I’m hoping to ride that wave into Vegas and continue my success. I don’t want to get my hopes up too much, but I would really love to make a good bit out there. I’m also really excited because I have been working w/ Joe Tall, Krantz, and DJ Sensei to schedule DC meetups throughout the WSOP. It has been awesome to work with those guys and I’m glad I could give back to the DC community that has helped me so much. I think we’ve picked good events (basketball game, home game w/ DC coaches/members, bowling, and a crazy beer pong/board game-filled night of prop betting) and we tried to spread out the events so as to give every DC member who will be in Vegas a chance to participate. Click the link below for more details.

DC Meetup Events

I’ll be there during the basketball event so watch out!!! You’re going down Krantz!

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