April 20, 2012

Wtf is going on - Forest reproduction

Somehow less drinking and bar fight, doesnt mean I cant say anything about it.

I just forgot my blog (sorry for the fews viewer), and now the xanax kicked in so im good for a good sleep.

But, meanwhile, funny pics, again ! How forest reproduct itself

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March 16, 2012

Funny Pic

Ok, I was going out wayyyy too much (didnt got hit btw)

Now back to serious grind, so far, running bad+

Funny pic meanwhile

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March 08, 2012

Thai Immigration

Short story, this is way too complicated for no apparent reasons.

They should make it more simple

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February 28, 2012

Bad Real Life Variance - Ugly Pic Included

First... fu**.. got my text deleted, here once again.

Last thursday didnt slept.. I was in pain.. I had an idea on what it could be. It was on the right side of my abdomen, below my ribs.

Since I hate hospital, I first called my mother at home (she a nurse, can be helpful) She tought it was probably my liver, maybe some stones.. so she told me to drink some hot water and go pharmacy and ask for something about the liver to help it.

Well, finally, my friend took me at the hospital instead. What a good surprise, since I dont like being in that kind of place.

At home, in Quebec, healthcare is freeee ! BUT, you can wait 8h at the emergency admission to see a doctor... or wait 3 months for a needed surgery, that is not an emergency... go it ? Basically the system is too big and its shit.

Here, wow.. around 6am in the morning I got there, fill paper, 5min later I already see someone who take infos on me (pressure, weight, age, etc)

15min later I see what seem to be the doctor in service.. fews things happens, more tests, etc..

At noon (12h00), I was having a surgery... apparently, even if im healthy and somewhat in shape, my appendice decided to quit on me... Then 24h later I was already back home, no pain, 3 scars and somewhat tired.

Thanks to travel inssurence , costed me 500$ ish for 6 months, and they covered everything of the surgery.. a nice total of 2700$ ! Im happy to not pay for it, also 1st time I use an inssurance that actually worth it.  I google this surgery for USA... around 15k-18k$... is that possible ? shit, its unreal !

So , assurance company was very good, fast and efficient.. And the hospital... wow.. got treated like a new born baby ! I even had like 4 nurses at the same time in my room (private).. maybe because im also handsome ?

Anyway, not so bad variance given how it went overall... And finally, they left me with papers, receipt and a surprise in the enveloppe, a picture that I share with you here... I dont know why they do that.. Maybe they need to proove to me they actually really did the surgery ?


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February 13, 2012

Nothing special, except this pic + cake

Well, I went out lately a lil but I managed to not have troubles !

Also, was my frienc fellow Rich birthday last tuesday and we had a nice BBQ. By the way, I am very proud of the custom cake we had made for him.

I think its totally a cake for poker player, picture of the cake to come next post.

Meanwhile, thank again to the chat, for providing this funny one :

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February 01, 2012

Thai Boxing - Learning the hard way

Ok, so I go train 3x a week, and I almost never did sparring before (2-3 time)

Today, same shit than last time, dude was taller and bigger, so I had obv a disadvantage, but this time it was different.

Last time, dude hit me at a ratio of at least 5 to 1, but he didnt hit that hard, but today dude, did hit me to a higher ratio than 5 to 1 and somewhat with more strenght.

I did only 1 round vs him, and obv he got switched vs someone who have more experience and taller.

So yeah, if you want to keep the habit to have yours hands up for block, the best way to not forget it, is to do exactly what I did and get a huge beating, I will remember to keep them up since he didnt had much problems throwing punchs in my face, I got somehow overwhelmed vs this dude.

On that note, im gonna need a mouthpiece too.

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January 29, 2012

2nd Amendment - USA

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January 27, 2012

Epic Chat

I cannot post everything that is said in the Chiang Mai Poker Player Chat, because my family is reading this blog.

Altought, I can filter some stuff and leave the funny one here for your distraction.

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January 25, 2012

Nothing Epic, move along !

Time for a little recovery !

Well, its not recovery from sickness or hangover, its just I decided to take 1 week of no alcohol-no going out in bar.

Its only one week, but I assume it would be good for mind, body and my bankroll. Putting more time in poker while keep training muay thai and starting some gym too. After that, I might add an other week, who know.

I just heard of a reggae festival for this w-e ... good timing with my supposed cure...

So unless something unexpected happen, dont hope for an other story with @ random ending or stupid thing , since I wont go out !  But anyway, I never mean to have stuff like that to happen, it just happen !  Sorry for those who are reading only to laugh their ass of my runbad, maybe you will be lucky later.

To end : Here Epic Picture, I like this dude !

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January 21, 2012

The Biggest Slowroll Ive ever had @ Thailand

It only took me 4 days to end up in this bar again, wonder why but whatever...

Im gonna cut the story in short.. after many vodka-redbull,  I ended with a friend and others girls in a sorta semi-karaoke place eating food @ 5h00-6h00 AM, were 2 poors dudes looked quite gay and were horribles singers.

This girl, after many hours, still didnt believed me when I said I had no girlfriend.. seriously, wtf is going on with all those ? They all think the same

So yeah, after hours with her , standard spicy stuff, dance, etc , etc and me being honest about I have no-gf story, thats when she told me her truth : <I have husban that I know since 10 years, from USA..> etc

Well, the way she acted with me, No way I would knew she was not single !

You guys got the point ? Anyway the vodka was still in so I had a mixed feeling of <I dont care> and <Why , WHYYYYYY she didnt told me hours ago?>

So I ended up in the house of the girl my friend was hooking up with around 6h30-7h00 am. Obv the girl didnt came along so I was sorta alone in this house. So I got somewhat pissed off this huge life slowroll. And the Red Bull started to kick in at the same time and I told my friend <fuck off, im getting a taxi and im going to get my bike an im going home>

And hes like <wtf, you wont find any taxi here at this time>

Me : <Watch me !>

I was somewhat determinated to put an end to it, get my back and sleep in my own bed  But finally, he convinced me (quite easily ) to sleep there and go back with him for the back later on, wich I did.

This was the Biggest Slowroll Ive ever had in my life and in Thailand, She fucking use all her Time Bank to Call me with the nutzs when I was sure I would have the chips stack shipped my way , with the 2nd best hand obv.

 Beat :  Girl acting like a single girl in the bar, not believing me im single and then tell me hours later, far from everything that she have husband.. true or not, she totally pwnd me on that one.

Brag : I slept in a very comfy bed and had quite a good night of sleep. The house and the place was very nice, and my friend and I got offered a nice coffee when we woke up.

Variance : REMEMBER CRAZY GIRL who hit me ? I saw her in the bar and she was with an other man, that was one of the best day of my life. I think im good  she wont bother me anymore, now she is someone else problem ! (poor guy ...

Variance 2 : Remember my friend Alex that spoke to the girl I was and kinda make her understood everything was fine with me ? Well I just learned he doesnt speak any Thai language at all. He totally played me on that one !

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