June 09, 2011

Back to the HUD...

I spent the last several days HUDless and without my player notes (I was on a different computer). In practical terms, I ended up cutting tables (four full ring tables instead of six, or two 6max tables instead of four) and had to recreate reads on most of the players I played against for those few days. Turned out to be pretty stressful for me, but also pretty interesting. I ended up experimenting quite a bit, where I'd take a line I probably wouldn't have otherwise in order to test the other guy so I could get the reads I was looking for.

That little experiment lead me to re-watch the first two episodes of The Thin Red Line, going to watch the entire series again. I realized that there are a ton of good ideas I hadn't taken notes on the first time through the series.

Very happy now that I'm back to my HUD and player notes! I did recognize, though, after my little experiments, that my note taking skills need some work, I learned more about how some of these players think while I didn't have my HUD/notes than I had with my HUD/notes.

I rely heavily on color coding. Unfortunately, my color coding pretty exclusively only reflects VPIP/PFR/3bet stats rather than any postflop reads. Thinking about updating my color coding, but kind of dreading it - I already have a fairly complex scheme, I'm not sure increasing that complexity is a good idea yet.

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