November 26, 2011

Awww family...

-Mom : You will loose all your money playing all those tables on internet!

-me : I won't look my graph it goes up for 30K hands

-Mom: Yes, it is always like this, but you will loose everything it is like put your money on fire! And before you told me you were playing with dimes.

-me : I still do.

-Mom: But you got 300$ on your account.

-me : Yeah this is what I need to play with dimes. >.<

Anyway, starting a session and I need 25vpp for silverstars (yay). I got a little downswing the last 2 weeks, but my month is still up. Sadly, I got enough fpp to buy that nice spade hood, but the only sizes left is small and xsmall... and they won't get anymore or it (sadface) . I guess I will keep them for something else, I don't know what tought.

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